Skyfii nets another data analytics contract in Brazil

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Skyfii has signed a three-year contract with Dasa Group - Brazil's largest medical services provider, operating 500 medical centres across the country.

Australian software technology company Skyfii (ASX: SKF) has inked a new multi-year contract in Brazil, this time providing its “IO Platform” data analytics services to an initial 92 medical centres under Latin American medical services provider Dasa Group’s umbrella.

The news comes a week after the data analytics specialist announced the signing of a three-year deal with Brazilian white goods retailer Frigelar.

Skyfii’s IO Platform

Skyfii’s IO Platform is a cloud-based solution that utilises existing WiFi infrastructure, video cameras, web traffic and social platforms to analyse behaviours and gain a better understanding of the visitors of a business.

The platform is comprised of three services: IO Connect, IO Insight and IO Engage.

IO Connect is a portal for collecting data, while IO Insight analyses this data such as venue performance, customer behaviour, loyalty and engagement. IO Engage is a marketing tool that aids the creation of targeted content delivery and automated marketing.

Dasa Group

Dasa Group is Latin America’s largest medical services provider, operating more than 500 medical examination facilities in Brazil. These centres are comprised of 25 different medical brands, providing varying public services across the country.

Under this latest deal, an initial 92 Dasa medical centres will receive access to the IO Platform services. The contract also has an option to extend to a further 161 venues upon successful completion of the initial deployment.

According to Skyffi, Dasa had been seeking a solution that would allow for a seamless guest WiFi experience, while also collecting data to be used as a reporting tool to analyse visitor wait times and behaviour.

The IO Connect and IO Insight services are expected to enable analysis of these customer wait times and behaviour, to be supported by IO Engage, a multi-channel communication tool to directly engage with customers.

This contract with Dasa is being delivered in partnership with Skyfii’s partner Binario. Hardware vendor Aruba, owned by Hewlett Packard, has been engaged as the hardware technology partner.

It is the second contract Skyfii has signed within the health and wellbeing sector, having inked a deal with UK’s Nuffield Health in May.

Skyfii shares rose 7.69% to $0.21 on today’s news by mid-afternoon trade.

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