Director trades

A list of ASX company directors trades to see who is buying and selling shares. The date is the day the transaction took place.

AXIAxiom PropertiesB. Laurance$1,011
PYCPYC TherapeuticsA. Tribe$5,250,000
GORGold Road ResourcesT. Netscher$29,830
LSFL1 Long Short FundR. Lamm$57,477
LSFL1 Long Short FundM. Landau$57,477
CDOCadence Opportunities FundK. Siegling$39,539
MTHMithril ResourcesJ. Skeet$250,000
MTHMithril ResourcesG. Thomas $20,000
MTHMithril ResourcesS. Layton$50,000
MTHMithril ResourcesC. Sharpe$95,000
ALRAltair MineralsM. Benedikt$100,000
BM8Battery Age MineralsD. Pevcic$34,067
WTCWisetech GlobalR. White$23,371,430
WTCWisetech GlobalM. Isaacs$2,078,297
LNKLink Administration HoldingsV. Bhatia$9,097,920
LNKLink Administration HoldingsG. Pemberton$174,388
LNKLink Administration HoldingsM. Carapiet$4,393,536
LNKLink Administration HoldingsF. Walker$67,469
LNKLink Administration HoldingsA. McDonald$70,012
LNKLink Administration HoldingsA. Green$54,663
TCF360 Capital MortgageT. Pitt$24,669
REMRemsense TechnologiesR. Pace$250,000
REMRemsense TechnologiesJ. Clegg$50,000
SSMService StreamS. Wiggins$29,673
FPRFleetPartners GroupM. Blackburn$39,999
PPSPraemiumA. Wamsteker $88,000
LSFL1 Long Short FundR. Lamm$37,276
LSFL1 Long Short FundM. Landau$37,276
CAICalidus ResourcesD. Reeves$100,000
CAICalidus ResourcesM. Connelly$20,000
VEAViva Energy GroupN. Evans$34,300
SHNSunshine MetalsA. Pismiris$18,333
SHNSunshine MetalsD. Keys$20,000
SHNSunshine MetalsL. Davis$20,000
SHNSunshine MetalsP. Chapman$40,000
KNGKingsland MineralsN. Revell$7,200
IPDImpedimedC. Donnelly$8,000
LSFL1 Long Short FundR. Lamm$28,615
LSFL1 Long Short FundM. Landau$28,615
GDMGreat Divide MiningA. Arkinstall$11,033
RTHRAS Technology HoldingsG. Crispe$1,875,000
HYTHyterraB. Mee$75,475
MKTThe MarketB. Rathie$36,012
8CO8CommonA. Bunter$12,536
C29C29 MetalsJ. Myers$210,000
NHENoble Helium G. Columbus$20,000
NHENoble Helium S. Scott$30,000
EAXEnergy ActionM. Bleach$170,023
EAXEnergy ActionD. Myers$325,146
CBACommonwealth Bank of AustraliaR. Whitfield $12,046
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