Skyfii signs 3-year data analytics deal with Brazilian retailer Frigelar

Skyfii ASX SKF data analytics Brazilian retailer Frigelar
Frigelar will utilise Skyfii’s full suite of SaaS recurring revenue ‘IO Platform’ services.

Data analytics specialist Skyfii (ASX: SKF) has advanced its market presence in South America after signing a 3-year contract with Frigelar, a prominent Brazilian retailer that is looking to maximise the benefits of consumer behaviour pattern analysis.

Skyfii has developed a suite of products leveraging sophisticated cameras, web traffic, foot counters and all other visitor data it can collect, to create what it calls “powerful visitor analytics”.

It IO suite helps customers consolidate their data, in addition to correlating multiple data sources to build a deeper understanding of their customers and allowing the businesses to “maximise every engagement” when consumers browse major store outlets.

Frigelar is one of Brazil’s largest white goods retailers that has sold products to both consumers and service technicians since 1966.

In recent years, the retailer has expanded across Brazil with today’s coverage reaching 31 venues and a presence in 16 of Brazil’s 26 federal states.

In a bid to maximise its commercial performance, the Brazilian retailer has turned to Skyfii and its product suite with the ultimate aim of streamlining its in-store experience and understanding the nature of consumer behaviour.

Digital productivity

Under the contract, Skyfii will provide access to its full suite of IO Platform services for Frigelar including IO Connect, used for data collection purposes, IO Insight for data analytics and IO Engage – a set of proprietary marketing tools which Frieglar will all deploy across its Brazilian stores.

According to Skyfii, Frigelar was in need of a unique solution that would enable them to differentiate between both the technical and retail customer segments and their behaviour in-store – a task Skyfii is already accomplishing for a series of businesses and retail stores across Australia.

Earlier this year, Skyfii signed similar high-profile deals with the likes of restaurant chain Nandos, financial services giants HSBC Australia, large retail space managers Precision Group and healthcare providers such as Nuffield Health. The emergent data analytics company also agreed to roll out its IO Connect platform across Versace’s 45 retail outlets in Europe.

Skyfii says the ‘IO Platform’ will provide critical venue management insights such as dwell time, volume of customers, and frequency and recency of customer visits, allowing Frigelar to gain revealing insights into how its customers browse their stores and ultimately make buying decisions.

By leveraging analytics provided by the IO Platform, Frigelar hopes to raise operational efficiency and improving the overall customer experience.

Online angle

Frigelar will also have the ability to request information from their customers as part of the Wi-Fi registration process made available to customers.

These insights are then used to differentiate between both customer segments, allowing Frigelar to analyse the visitation behaviour of both groups utilising another product in Skyfii’s suite: IO Insight, which delivers data analytics across all platforms.

Through the application of IO Engage, Frigelar will be able to engage with various customer groups and create tailored marketing campaigns that can be selectively targeted in accordance with the user.

Skyfii says that its software suite is a seamless combination of tools that intertwine with multiple parts of a retailer’s business simultaneously.

Frigelar will be able to utilise information collected via IO Connect as a means of segmentation, and then supplement this data collection with IO Insight, as a means of transmuting analytical intelligence into visitation patterns.

“The need for physical retailers to understand more about their audience and differentiate customer segments is not unique. Only with the application of new technology has the capability been a possibility for non-e-commerce companies,” said Wayne Arthur, CEO of Skyfii.

“With the deployment of Skyfii’s solution, it is great to see these same capabilities provided to brick-and-mortar retailers, in order to provide their customers with as great a level of personalisation as their online counterparts,” said Mr Arthur.

News of Skyfii’s first Brazilian client helped its shares to open trade this morning around 5% higher at $0.195 per share.

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