Skyfii upscales contract with Nuffield Health

Skyfii ASX SKF contract Nuffield Health
Skyfii has doubled its services network with Nuffield Health to now cover 142 hospital and gym venues across the UK.

Skyfii (ASX: SKF) has extended the level of service it provides to Nuffield Health, a leading healthcare provider in the United Kingdom.

The data analytics company first signed a contract with Nuffield earlier this year for the deployment of Skyfii’s data collection (IO Connect) and data analytics (IO Insight) services at 70 sites in the UK.

The company now reports that it has extended this agreement and roll out IO Insight and IO Connect at 72 more sites including hospitals and gymnasiums across the country.

The contract extension indicates that Skyfii’s services are highly scalable and able to be deployed very quickly without extensive delays or cost.

The news also suggests that Skyfii is on course to grow its sales footprint amongst gyms and healthcare venues across in Europe following the recent acquisition of Causely, whose customers include F45, Orange Theory and Anytime Fitness in the US.

Beaming in functionality

According to Skyfii, its cloud-based platform uses existing telecoms infrastructure, video sources, web and social platforms to allow various types of venues to not only analyse the behaviour of anonymous visitors but also capture data from people who opt-in to free Internet connectivity.

In doing so, it converts the data into a critical sales and marketing tool that allows venues and their commercial tenants to deliver content that is catered to each visitor’s needs and interests.

“We are extremely pleased to be extending services across Nuffield Health’s portfolio of venues. The extension of services is a clear indication of the value Nuffield is receiving from Skyfii’s ‘IO Platform’ services,” said Wayne Arthur, CEO of Skyfii.

Mr Arthur added that the growing diversity of Skyfii’s customer base indicates that its services needn’t be restricted to a particular sector or industry, considering the wide-ranging functionality and the rich set of features IO platform offers.

Earlier this week, Skyfii signed up luxury fashion brand Versace to its growing client base after agreeing on a 12-month contract that sees Skyfii installing its platform across Versace’s 45 European retail outlets.

A few weeks prior in April, Skyfii added another customer connected to the retail sector via a deal with Lewis Land Group, an Australian property development company responsible for two large open-plan shopping centres in Adelaide and the Gold Coast, dubbed the “Harbour Town” shopping centres.

By deploying Skyfii’s IO Platform, Lewis Land will be able to obtain key insights into shopper affinities and space usage.

Having greater knowledge of behavioural patterns amongst customers, whether it be at gyms, hospitals, retail stores or shopping centres allows Skyfii’s clients to obtain a greater understanding of consumers’ motives and enables more informed decisions to be made regarding space usage, promotions and utilisation of existing resources.

“The growing diversity of Skyfii’s customers, highlights the adaptability our ‘IO Platform’ has across varying industries, an indication that our strategic decision to target these verticals is working,” said Mr Arthur.

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