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Small Caps’ upcoming IPOs page offers investors a preview of companies that are currently planning to list on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) and access to live deals. We include details of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) including company name, ASX code, issue price, capital sought and more. Investors can also view and track the performance of companies that have recently listed.

Total number of IPOs in 2021 = 54

Company nameASX codeIssue priceRaiseFocusInformation
29Metals (23 Jun)29M$2.00$900mCopperWebsite
Aerison Group (29 Jun)AE1$0.20$13.5mIndustrial servicesWebsite
Arcadia Minerals (17 Jun)AM7$0.20$6.4mMinerals in NamibiaWebsite
Askari Metals (5 Jul)AS2$0.20$6mCopper and goldWebsite
AuKing Mining (15 Jun)AKN$0.20$6mCopper, gold, base metalsArticle / Video / Website
Australian Rare Earths (25 Jun)AR3$0.30$12mRare earthsWebsite
Ballymore Resources (5 Jul)BTM$0.20$11mMineral explorationWebsite
Barton Gold (28 Jun)BGD$0.25$15mGoldArticle / Video / Website
Bersa Gold (TBA)BEZ$0.20$12.5mGoldWebsite
BlueBet Holdings (2 Jul)BBT$1.14$80mOnline bettingWebsite
Burley Minerals (9 Jul)BUR$0.20$6mIron ore and base metalsWebsite
Butn (28 Jun)BTN$0.20$20mFintechWebsite
Cannon Resources (12 Aug)CNR$0.20$6mNickelWebsite
Camplify Holdings (28 Jun)CHL$1.42$11.5mRV marketplaceWebsite
Charger Metals (8 Jul)CHR$0.20$6mLithium and base metalsWebsite
Codrus Minerals (23 Jun)CDR$0.20$8mGoldArticle / Website
Cosmo Gold (18 Jun)CSM$0.20$6mGoldWebsite
DRA Global (9 Jul)DRA$3.95$20mEngineeringWebsite
Flynn Gold (TBA)FG1$0.20$10mGoldWebsite
Gefen International AI (17 Jun)GFN$1.00$25mDigital marketplaceWebsite
Gold 50 (6 Jul)G50$0.25$10mGoldWebsite
HitIQ (16 Jun)HIQ$0.20$10mSmart mouthguardWebsite
Locksley Resources (8 Jul)LKY$0.20$5mCopper and goldWebsite
Lode Resources (23 Jun)LDR$0.20$7.5mGold, copper and silverWebsite
Lumos Diagnostics (5 Jul)LDX$1.25$63mMedical diagnosticsWebsite
Lunnon Metals (16 Jun)LM8$0.30$15mNickelWebsite
Monger Gold (15 Jun)MMG$0.20$6mGoldWebsite
Mt Monger Resources (8 Jul)MTM$0.20$5mGoldWebsite
Openn Negotiation (25 Jun)OPN$0.20$9mReal estate platformWebsite
OZZ Resources (15 Jun)OZZ$0.20$5mGoldArticle / Website
Polymetals Resources (29 Jun)POL$0.20$10mGoldArticle / Video / Website
Resource Base (2 Jul)RBX$0.20$5.5mMineralsArticle / Video / Website
Salter Brothers Emerging Companies (TBA)SB2$1.00$20mListed investment companyWebsite
Tamboran Resources (23 Jun)TBN$0.40$66mNatural gasWebsite
Torque Metals (18 Jun)TOR$0.20$7mGoldWebsite
Western Gold Resources (19 Jul)WGR$0.20$7mGoldWebsite
Western Mines (28 Jun)WMG$0.20$5.5mGold and nickelWebsite
WAM Strategic Value (25 Jun)WAR$1.25$225mListed investment companyWebsite
Victory Goldfields (14 Jul)1VG$0.20$5mGoldWebsite

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