Fluence secures additional water treatment contract in China

Fluence Corporation ASX FLC water treatment China contract

Growing demand for clean water around the world is putting wind in the sails of ASX-listed supplier Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) as the company secured a contract from the Yiyang City government to deploy its technology at a municipal wastewater treatment plant, to be built in Yiyang City, Hunan province, China.

The terms of the deal stipulate that Fluence’s Aspiral L4 unit will treat 200,000 litres per day and is scheduled to be commissioned as soon as July 2018. Notably, the volume of water treated is substantially higher than previous contracts which saw the company delivering around 20,000 litres per day.

Its Aspiral system utilises the company’s proprietary membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) modules which Fluence claims can slash energy costs for aeration by up to 90%.

The deal is yet another notch for the company’s growing list of projects around the world including far flung places such as Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines and further adds to Fluence’s growing presence in China following a deal signed earlier this month with the Changping District government.

“I’m pleased to see yet another partner in Kaitian and the Yiyang City Government put their trust in Fluence and our Aspiral solutions. We continue to progress on our growth strategy in China with this sale of an Aspiral L4 in a new province and with a new partner,” said Mr Henry Charrabé, managing director and CEO of Fluence Corporation.

The deal indicates that Fluence is growing its commercia momentum in China with a wastewater treatment plant in Henan Province already demonstrating its effectiveness.

“It’s clear we are building momentum toward our goal of capturing a sizeable portion of the rural wastewater treatment opportunity in China. Together with our partners, we are focused on making Aspiral the standard for reliably achieving efficient Class 1A discharge,” said Mr Charrabé.

According to Fluence, this is the first contract won through its new local partner Kaitian Environmental Technology, a subsidiary of state-owned Hunan AeroSpace based in Hunan Province – with further deals in the pipeline, to be announced in due course.

Mixture of water treatment technologies

Fluence is rapidly emerging as a global leader in the delivery of cost-effective decentralised water, wastewater, and reuse solutions for businesses and communities.

Its range of products include the Nirobox, a mobile treatment unit available in a range of configurations that can desalinate industrial quantities of water and is able to “tap into previously unusable groundwater sources.”

In the Philippines, Fluence has installed a Nirobox SW (seawater) unit at a new resort facility, able to produce 1 million litres of desalinated water per day that’s suitable for human consumption.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Fluence is responsible for building and operating a US$48 million 5.8 million gallon per day (approximately 22 million litres per day) seawater desalination plant.

Once completed, the plant will provide a clean source of water to San Quintin and neighbouring communities in the municipality of Ensenada.

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