Fluence arranges emergency clean water in Argentina and the Philippines

Fluence Corporation ASX FLC Nirobox SW sea clean water
Fluence's NIROBOX clean water unit.

Clean water provider Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) has installed two more of its proprietary Nirobox systems in Argentina and the Philippines.

The news follows on from last year’s successful merger between Emefcy and RWL Water, which enabled Fluence to expand its global reach and accelerate marketing of its products.

Nirobox is the company’s award-winning decentralised water treatment plant, able to convert salinated sea water into fresh drinking water, thereby providing clean drinking water in areas with severe resource deficiencies.

In the Philippines, Fluence has installed a Nirobox SW (seawater) unit at a new resort facility, able to produce 1,000 cubic metres of desalinated water per day (1 million litres), and suitable for human consumption. Installed within a short period of time, and fully mobile after installation, the units provide an immediate, independent and reliable drinking water source.

Aside from the critical delivery of water to severely underdeveloped areas, Fluence says its Nirobox solution was installed and was operating “within one week of receiving the order” and describing the commissioning of its two latest installations as an “unprecedented commissioning timeline”.

According to Fluence, its Nirobox system is a significant improvement upon previous desalination technologies through its highly compact seawater reverse osmosis (RO) pre-packaged system, which utilises advanced membrane technologies including energy recovery features.

The rich feature is set can save resorts physical space and reduces their energy consumption significantly. Most importantly, the units offer the possibility of clean drinking water in areas with severe shortages.

In Argentina, Fluence will provide its first two Nirobox BW (brackish water) units in South America to the Municipality of Berazategui, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Fluence’s brackish water treatment units will be installed in the industrial zone surrounding Buenos Aires and will supply 1,500 cubic metres of water per day (1.5 million litres).

In Argentina, Fluence’s work is particularly acute with local residents able to access polluted well water only. Fluence says its custom-designed units will include advanced RO and ultra-violet (UV) filtration technology, that will provide clean drinking water to thousands of people in the region.

Given current estimates, the newly-announced installations are expected to be built, delivered and commissioned within the next 5 months.

Henry Charrabé, Managing Director and CEO of Fluence said that “Fluence’s decentralised treatment solutions continue to provide fast, effective options for production of potable water around the globe. Our entry into the Philippines with commissioning undertaken one week after order receipt, and further growth in Argentina, clearly show the increasing global reach of the Nirobox family of water treatment solutions, as well as the versatility of treatment options available from Fluence.”

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