Fluence finds more clean water traction in China with Beijing contract

Fluence Corporation ASX FLC wastewater treatment plant China Beijing

Clean water supplier Fluence Corporation (ASX: FLC) has secured yet another commercial deal – this time, with the Changping District Government for the purchase of an Aspiral S1 smart-packaged MABR-based solution for use in a municipal wastewater treatment plant to be located in the Changping District, in the Municipality of Beijing in China.

Following a recent rebranding of its product range, this is the first contract won through Fluence’s new local partners Glory Land (Beijing) Science & Technology, with the Chinese company also being tasked with providing the civil works.

Once completed, the plant will be used by the Changping District Government to treat domestic wastewater from an underground treatment plant.

Last month, Fluence finalised a substantial seawater desalination project for its customer, Comisión Estatal del Agua de Baja California (CEA), to provide water for the town of San Quintin in Mexico.

Merely a few days before that, Fluence was chosen as the preferred option for a wastewater treatment plant, capable of processing 1,000 cubic metres per day, for the local government of Zhenfeng County in Guizhou province, China.

Back in China

In its latest Chinese deal, Fluence’s Aspiral S1 unit was selected because of its high standard and efficient performance, designed to treat wastewater to effluent standards which exceed Class 1A quality in order to comply with Beijing standards.

The unit will treat 20,000 litres per day (around 5,200 gallons) and is scheduled to be commissioned as soon as October 2018.

It is expected that this project will allow Fluence to leverage further opportunities for its decentralised, smart-packaged wastewater treatment solutions in China’s capital, which has the strictest effluent standards in all of China.

“Following yesterday’s unveiling of the rebranding of our Aspiral family of wastewater treatment solutions, it gives me great pleasure to announce today that we continue to make progress on our growth strategy in China with this sale of an Aspiral S1 in a new province and with a new partner,” said Henry Charrabé, managing director and chief executive officer of Fluence Corporation.

“We’ve standardised features and options of our packaged units that make these innovative solutions easy to customise, install, use, maintain, and even expand. We’re confident that, within this family of products, we have a solution to satisfy any customers’ need for any municipal domestic wastewater treatment challenge in China,” added Mr Charrabé.

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