Esports Mogul reaches 1 million registered users as competitive gaming continues commercial take-off

Esports Mogul ASX ESH 1 million registered users online gamers
Esports Mogul has added around 620,000 new registered users to its platform in the last six weeks.

Media and software company Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) is visibly building momentum in its quest to become Australia’s leading eSports enabler.

The company has now surpassed 1 million registered users and says the last three months of 2018 were its “busiest” since the company’s inception.

Around 620,000 new users were added in the past six weeks alone, highlighting the accelerated growth of the company’s Mogul platform.

According to Esports Mogul managing director Gernot Abl, the last quarter of 2018 was “incredibly busy and beneficial” with the company shifting focus towards partnerships and monetisation features in order to prepare for commercialisation.

“We are pleased to have had extremely positive results with user acquisition, reaching the milestone of 1 million registered users across all Mogul service offerings,” he said.

The recent spike in registrations was partly due to the upcoming Silver Slam tournament series being staged in partnership with gaming hardware manufacturer Razer, who is also a large shareholder in Esports Mogul.

The inaugural tournament series has seen users sign up on Mogul, enticed not only by the AU$275,000 prize pool but the 16 popular game titles across PC, console and mobile platforms.

The event is expected to further boost growing interest in eSports and gaming in general.

Over the past six weeks, Esports Mogul has initiated an “aggressive increase in user registrations” thereby boosting the total number of registered users across all Mogul services and bringing the company closer to monetising its growing eSports arsenal.

Additionally, Mogul has accelerated marketing activity and strategic partnerships, with the likes of gaming giants Razer and Southeast Asia’s largest esports organisation Mineski, all supporting Mogul tournaments.

As part of its mission to capitalise on its growing range of services, Esports Mogul said that “monetisation features are currently in development” with commercialisation a remaining a “key focus”, bolstered by a successful wave of user acquisition.

On form

In recent months, Esports Mogul has been actively expanding and extending its range of services, “in order to remain at the forefront of the eSports market”.

In October last year, its technology team completed development of a “one-of-a-kind” tournament management system which allows partners and third-party organisers to create their own tournaments on This was in addition to launching a new Android app.

The move was part of a broader branding reorganisation which saw Esports Mogul scrapping its Mogul Arena brand in order to delineate its various services into stand-alone brands – namely, Mogul Arena, Mogul News and Esports Elite.

To provide more public attention, attract more users and to establish a more interactive user community, the company also strengthened its content platform, Mogul News, by merging it with news outlet and operating its media unit from under one brand.

Mogul News produces a high calibre of native content which is used as a cohesive marketing tool to drive dedicated gamers and readers to Mogul and aid in user acquisition.

Gaming spotlight

One of the most innovative ideas was to introduce a new feature that emulates services such as Twitch, a popular gaming streaming platform.

Mogul Spotlight was designed to entice Esports Enthusiasts who enjoy watching streamers and influencers play competitive eSports. Through Mogul Spotlight, users can watch professional streams and be rewarded for their viewership.

In a bid to drive up premium content and users, Esports Mogul said that it was in the final stages of integrating with payment providers, at which time the VIP Subscription feature will be ready for release.

The eSports company is also working towards expanding its tournament staging abilities by launching Asia’s largest global eSports championship series called ONE eSports.

Esports Mogul was chosen to organise and stage the online eSports tournaments on Mogul with organisers ONE Championship intending to invest up to US$50 million alongside other key partners into ONE eSports.

The ultimate aim is to create Asia’s largest global eSports Championship Series which would be present first and foremost via Mogul.

The rationale behind not only organising top-level tournaments but also providing the technological capacity for third parties to organise their own is for Esports Mogul to continue its growth, and equally importantly, to drive awareness of the Mogul brand within Asia.

“The company is thrilled to have had such a positive increase in user numbers recently. The Mogul team is continuously driving new features and tournaments to keep our users engaged and drive further user acquisition,” said Mr Abl.

“We are now in the finals stages of developing our initial monetisation features and look forward to updating the market on not only our user numbers but developments across all Mogul service offerings,” he added.

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