Esports Mogul extends PC games arsenal in preparation for Silver Slam tournament

Esports Mogul ASX ESH extends PC games Silver Slam tournament Overwatch Call of Duty Rainbow Six Siege Starcraft
In 2018, PC titles were expected to generate $32.9 billion and 24% of the global gaming market.

Esports media and software company Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) has laid out plans to further expand its game title catalogue by supplementing its existing mobile and console list with additional PC titles.

Earlier this morning, Esports Mogul said it had added Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rainbow Six Siege and StarCraft II which brings the overall number of PC titles listed on its proprietary platform to seven, with a total of sixteen PC, console and mobile titles.

According to Esports Mogul’s managing director Gernot Abl, “the versatility of the 16 games titles now hosted on Mogul shows not only the company’s dedication to expanding the tournament platform’s offerings but the vast nature of game titles and tournament variation proves that Mogul can support any game title on any platform.”

Overwatch currently has around 40 million regular online players while Call of Duty remains one of the world’s best-selling games across all platforms, grossing close to US$500 million (A$695 million) in worldwide sales just from its launch-weekend alone.

Today’s news supplements Esports Mogul’s access to three of the most popular PC titles of all time: Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

In addition, last week the company unveiled a new line-up of mobile games as part of a broader cross-platform strategy targeting gamers from all backgrounds.

The growth of gaming

According to market statistics, PC game titles account for 24% of the global gaming market and in 2018 were expected to generate US$32.9 billion with a large worldwide demographic playing these games daily.

Meanwhile, gaming has become a vastly popular pastime in Australia with over 40% of Australians now playing games on a regular basis.

Gaming is on the march to the extent that increasingly more amateurs are considering “going pro” and becoming a full-time gamer.

The growing trend towards greater gaming integration into mainstream entertainment has helped fuel the emergence of the eSports industry, which is predicted to grow into a mass-market industry worth as much as US$1.5 billion by 2020, with additional markets such as gaming hardware, peripherals and accessories also expected to expand in conjunction.

Late last year, Melbourne hosted one of Australia’s largest eSports tournaments at the Rod Laver Arena, with future shows already planned.

Of the seven PC titles now offered by Esports Mogul, six appeared in Newzoo’s list of the most popular games for December 2018, “giving the company confidence that these titles will entice players to Mogul and aggressively drive user acquisition,” according to the eSports media company.

One of the ways Esports Mogul intends to monetise its growing games catalogue is by fielding its cross-platform arsenal via an upcoming online tournament called Silver Slam, a A$275,000 tournament being hosted in partnership with Razer, one of Asia’s largest gaming peripheral manufacturers.

The manufacturer recently secured a significant stake in Esports Mogul and the two companies plan to become a dominant market force that spans both amateur and professional gaming within the eSports niche.

“We are pleased to be able to give the market the final update of additional game titles to coincide with the launch of Silver Slam next month. We are confident that these game titles will drive user acquisition and we look forward to releasing current user numbers for all Mogul service offerings in due course,” said Mr Abl.

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