Esports Mogul on brink of releasing Android app to supplement Mogul Arena

Esports Mogul ASX ESH Android app testing gaming
The first version of the Mogul Android App has been developed and is now in quality assurance testing.

Emergent eSports industry contender Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) has announced its second significant feature update in as many days after announcing the completion of its Mogul Android app and declaring that the company’s first mobile-centric software release had entered quality assurance testing.

Just yesterday, the company unveiled that it was nearing the completion of a VIP Subscription feature that would dovetail with its series of eSports-focused products aimed at attracting gamers and eSports enthusiasts from across Asia.

This morning, the company said it is nearing the release of a mobile app that would fit into its series of software offerings.

Esports Mogul first announced it was developing a mobile app that would supplement its existing Mogul Arena tournament platform back in August this year – targeting a completion date of December 2018.

Reporting successful completion more than a month early, the eSports gaming company said the app would enhance the Mogul Arena platform, with a second version already planned for Q1 2019.

In addition, the eSports gaming developer said the next version would “boast additional features” and would become part and parcel of a continuous development cycle that would include “ongoing updates via over-the-air technology (OTA).”

Mogul App coming soon

Dubbed the “Mogul App”, Esports Mogul’s app is the world’s first mobile application that deeply integrates with API’s from leading game developers such as ‘Riot Games’ and ‘Valve Corporation’ to offer a fully automated tournament gaming experience on mobile phones.

Esports Mogul said the first version of the Mogul App is designed to serve as a companion to the desktop version of Mogul Arena, where users can manage their upcoming matches and stay in touch with other gamers.

Mogul Arena and Mogul App users will also be able to access player and team profiles, tournament information and in-game statistics, done through the user-friendly interface spanning both the desktop and mobile versions.

The next version expected for release early next year “will allow users to play leading mobile esports titles from their smartphone, as well as expand access to the popular ‘Esports Elite’ feature,” the company said.

With development now complete, the Mogul App is expected to enhance the Mogul Arena platform and provide additional access for Android users, a leading app marketplace rivalling Apple’s iOS store.

Esports Mogul Arena Android app gaming
The Mogul App for Android users.

Mogul Arena is currently used by players to engage other players via a matchmaking system that’s fully automated for major eSports titles. However, Esports Mogul wants to expand the availability of its proprietary platform to more devices and a wider range of users.

Esports Mogul said the push towards developing synergies between desktop and mobile gaming is seen as a strong avenue for future development within the growing eSports sector that’s currently growing worldwide – especially in Asia, where online gaming and social media interaction is growing exponentially year-on-year.

Gaming industry analytics provider Newzoo estimated that mobile games are on track to generate $70.3 billion in 2018 while capturing a chunky 51% of the global gaming market.

Furthermore, Newzoo estimates that the industry as a whole is undergoing growth rates in the region of 25% each year with mobile gaming seen as a specific market niche Esports Mogul is “ready and eager to tap into,” the company said.

“The company continues to push the boundaries of esports innovation and development. With the Newzoo statistics showing that mobile game growth is rapid, we’re proud to be able to expand with the market and not only offer esports enthusiasts what they want but open up collaboration and partnership opportunities in the mobile gaming sector,” said Gernot Abl, managing director of Esports Mogul.

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