Esports Mogul launches new tournament management system; Mineski confirmed as first adopter

Esports Mogul ASX ESH tournament management system Mineski Mogul Arena
Mogul Arena's new tournament management system will allow partners to independently create tournaments, part of Esports Mogul's upcoming monetisation strategy.

Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) has added to the toolkit it offers eSports tournament organisers and its partners.

The emergent eSports facilitator has completed the development of a “partner tournament management system” that allows users to set up and deploy online eSports tournaments via Mogul Arena, the company’s flagship platform used to create and deploy tournaments for online gamers.

The new tournament management system is said to deliver functionality and a user experience which “surpasses any competitor offering” allowing dedicated users to create personalised tournaments and simplifying head-to-head matchups between friends.

Esports Mogul says that the new tournament management system is a highly intuitive and comprehensive solution that allows anyone with access to easily create and manage their own tournaments on Mogul Arena, while offering “fully customisable options with a sleek design, allowing organisers to choose the level of restrictions, security and prizing for even the most complex tournaments”.

“The development of our tournament management system is an exciting leap for Mogul Arena as we broaden our partnership and sponsorship possibilities. Not only can tournaments be created autonomously by partners, allowing them to create the exact experience they’re after, but it’s done so with ease of Mogul Arena staff,” said Gernot Abl, managing director of Esports Mogul.

There is also a strong scope for near-term monetisation, once Esports Mogul makes the new system available to the wider public.

“The possibility of opening this feature up to the public offers another exciting aspect ready for monetisation,” said Mr Abl.

VIP eSports package

Having completed its initial release, Esports Mogul has confirmed that this is just the first release of the tournament management system, as Mogul Arena plans to roll out the system to users as part of a “VIP subscription model”.

To ensure its tournament management system is launched successfully, the eSports company has initially granted access only to Mogul Arena employees and approved third party tournament partners, with Southeast Asia’s largest esports organisation and partner, Mineski set to be “the first of many” to use the new system.

Mineski dominates eSports in Southeast Asia

Mineski was first established in Manilla, Philippines, in 2004. Over the past 14 years, the company has exhibited consistent growth to become Southeast Asia’s largest eSports organisation, with additional offices in key APAC markets such as Malaysia and Thailand.

Mineski owns a network of around 150 ‘Infinity eSports cybercafés’ across the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia – establishments that welcome thousands of gamers each day.

The Esports company has also built up a leading position as the region’s leading eSports tournament and event organiser via its dedicated hub, an online eSports network which attracts more than a million readers a month.

Mineski also supports a professional gaming team which is considered one of Southeast Asia’s most established and successful elite level eSports teams.

In addition, the deal with Mineski offers Esports Mogul yet another potential route to growing its eSports market share in Southeast Asia as well as promoting one of Australia’s brightest eSports names on a global stage.

“We have found Mogul Arena’s tournament management system easy to integrate into our day-to-day creation and organisation of tournaments. It allows us to move away from outdated methods and will aid in increasing our output of tournaments into our cybercafés,” said Danny Chang, general manager of Mineski.

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