dorsaVi adds real-time facial tracking to AI-powered movement platform

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By Imelda Cotton - 
DorsaVi ASX DVL ViMove

Human movement analytics company dorsaVi (ASX: DVL) has integrated real-time facial tracking into its suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video tracking capabilities available on its touchless movement tracking platform ViMove.

The new feature de-identifies individuals during video capture with facial blurring, enhancing dorsaVi’s privacy and compliance practices in line with global security standards.

The advancement builds upon the successful development of lower limb tracking achieved in September.

The feature upgrade allows dorsaVi to provide industry-leading contactless movement analysis while complying with stringent ISO27001 and privacy requirements.

Both are considered crucial technical hurdles that are required before commencing commercial discussions with enterprise-scale clients.

In-house capabilities

Chief executive officer Dr Andrew Ronchi said the achievement showcases the company’s in-house AI capabilities.

“Achieving real-time facial tracking allows us to boost our privacy protections, which has been crucial in strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones,” he said.

“We are excited about the innovative features on the horizon and the prospect of welcoming new clients throughout the coming year.”

Movement tracking

Australian-based dorsaVi considered a global leader in the field of human movement analysis has been developing non-intrusive, AI-powered, high-precision movement tracking capabilities within its ViMove platform to leverage video capture.

The ViMove platform complements the company’s core sensor technology currently being employed by companies such as Medtronic and QBE Insurance Group (ASX: QBE).

ViMove offers advantages including the ability to capture and analyse more natural movements as well as improving scalability, margins and delivery costs for the company.

As part of dorsaVi’s product development plan, a beta version of the video capture module is currently being evaluated by 15 US customers before a commercial release later this year.

The company is set to launch an upper limb module in early 2025 and is in the advanced stages of developing a swing-based module, designed to analyse complex movements in sports including golf, tennis and baseball.

Board appointment

Last week, dorsaVi appointed Gernot Abl as non-executive director to replace Dr Ashraf Attia, who has announced his retirement from the role.

Mr Abl has a background in law, corporate finance and strategic consulting and more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience.

He has worked with many early-stage businesses to help commercialise, grow and increase their value for stakeholders.

Mr Abl currently serves as executive director of Lithium Universe (ASX: LU7) and as chair of Live Verdure (ASX: LV1).