Streamplay Studio launches ArcadeX portal in Senegal with Orange Money integration

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By Imelda Cotton - 
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Online social gaming and esports company Streamplay Studio (ASX: SP8) has entered the African market with the launch of the ArcadeX gaming portal under the Jabaa Games brand in Senegal.

The subscription product has been integrated for use with Orange Sonatel’s mobile wallet service, Orange Money.

The ArcadeX portal was designed, integrated and deployed for Streamplay by Baatine Agency under a white-labelled partnership and distribution agreement.

It is intended to serve as a central casual tournament and esports hub for the broader African market.

Agreement terms

Under the terms of the agreement, Streamplay will share 50% of the net revenue (after mobile network operator deductions) with Baatine, which is covering 100% of the marketing contributions.

The collaboration is believed to provide Streamplay with an opportunity to begin tapping into a market of 18.1 million potential users with minimal outlay.

Baatine chief executive officer and Senegal entrepreneur Lordalajiman welcomed the partnership.

“Our collaboration with Streamplay to launch Jabaa Games, with its wide library of social games, competitive tournaments and exciting prizes, represents an exciting and unprecedented move towards redefining the online competitive gaming space in Senegal and West Africa as a whole,” he said.

Three-pronged strategy

Streamplay has introduced a three-stage market penetration strategy over a three-month period to ensure a smooth entry into Africa.

Stage 1 is being branded a “soft launch” and will be comprised of marketing on social media, television and radio channels.

Utilising ArcadeX’s localisation features, the portal will be launched in French and English and focus on building awareness, using reward incentives to encourage users to sign up early.

This will enable Jabaa Games to collect user information and establish a marketing database.

Stage 2 of the launch will focus on targeted digital marketing aimed at achieving high conversion rates.

It will feature weekly tournaments with prizes and include a referral program where users will be incentivised for referring friends to the platform.

Stage 3 will concentrate on re-targeting users acquired during the initial nine weeks of the launch to maintain engagement levels and foster customer loyalty.

Orange Money solution

Orange Money is the flagship mobile-based money transfer and financial services solution offered by mobile network operator Orange.

More than 90 million people across 17 countries are believed to have access to the service.

In Senegal, Orange Money has 6.2m users, equating to approximately 34% market share of the nation’s 18.1m population.

Streamplay said it was an “ideal launchpad” for Jabaa Games.

The 16 other countries in which Orange Money operates form part of Streamplay’s broader expansion plans for Jabaa Games.