Weebit Nano looks to production stage for cutting-edge 40nm memory array ReRAM technology

Weebit Nano ASX WBT Leti ReRam technology memory
Weebit Nano and Leti have extended their agreement to fast track commercialisation.

Semiconductor developer Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) has extended its agreement with partner Leti first signed in 2016, the French research institute, to aid in the development and optimisation of its groundbreaking ReRAM memory technology.

Weebit is seeking to develop and commercialise the next generation of memory devices that offer significant operational advantages over existing flash memory.

By focusing on the right materials and collaborating with globally-renowned chemists such as Dr James Tour from Rice University, Weebit is making rapid strides forward in developing the next evolution of memory-storage: Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM).

ReRAM memory could potentially improve existing memory performance by as much as 1,000 times, while reducing data corruption, significantly reducing energy consumption and slashing production costs.

The extension to its agreement with Leti intends to allow Weebit to accelerate the optimising of its manufacturing process required to achieve industry standard capabilities with its silicon oxide (SiOx) ReRAM memory technology, and brings forward its ambition of transforming the next generation of products ideas into technological reality to be made available for users on store shelves.

Looking forward to production

Weebit said that optimisation of the manufacturing process is a required step to move from the technology development phase to the commercialisation phase and will ensure the technology is able to meet and exceed memory industry standards for performance and reliability.

The company also said that the strength of its partnership with Leti has enabled its proprietary development to progress at a “substantially faster pace and lower cost than what many other companies have been able to achieve.”

The tech duo said that they remain on track to demonstrate a 40nm 1Mb memory array by mid-2018, and in doing so could make Weebit the only company in the world to have a SiOx ReRAM technology at this stage.

“The partnership has achieved significant progress in developing a best-in-class emerging memory technology. I am confident that together we can reach production level parameters for our ReRAM technology and plan for the transfer of our technology into production,” said Mr Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano.

Weebit isn’t stopping there. The company also said it is pursuing various “long-term opportunities” and applications of its avant-garde technology in artificial intelligence, including deep learning and “neuromorphic” applications.

Early indications are that Weebit’s ReRAM technology is very well suited to this newly-emergent tech niche, with Weebit saying that it has been receiving “strong interest from industry players” following its cutting-edge capabilities and achievements in the memory storage field, to date.

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