Wangle Technologies updates child protection software ahead of Android launch

Wangle Technologies WGL ASX updates child protection software Android launch

Online child protection software developer Wangle Technologies (ASX: WGL) has announced upgrades to its Wangle Family Insites suite, including an upcoming Android version launch next week.

The Android software version is undergoing final bug fixes and will be available the week starting 13 November 2017. Currently already available as an Apple store app, Android users will be able to purchase the Wangle Family Insites suite via the Android app store through a family subscription payable on a monthly or annual basis.

Less than two weeks ago, Wangle Technologies launched the Wangle Family Insites product targeting Australia’s 6 million families.

The software works by analysing live mobile network traffic across the company’s VPN and alerts parents to potentially “risky” online behaviour such as gaming addiction, cyber bullying, sexting, pornography and sexual predators.

Additionally, Wangle Family Insites incorporates educational resources for parents to help them better-handle risky situations when they arise.

The new enhancements have been made to the parent portal and the iOS application. The parent portal will comprise more charting capabilities and alert triggers.

Early engagement statistics since the software suite was unveiled include 20,000 active onsite users and 400 active Wangle Family Insites users.

Meanwhile, the company’s marketing campaign has resulted in 360,000 social media impressions, 24,000 interactions via paid search, 14,000 visitors to the education sections on the website and 1,000 Facebook engagements.

The company is also developing a GPS-gated alert system, which gives parents the capability to “lock” GPS gates to current locations. Wangle Technologies expects to unveil this alert system by the end of the month.

According to Wangle Technologies, its child protection software is unlike other products which simply “block” or “spy” on children’s online behaviour. It differentiates itself using research and behavioural insights, combined with network and GPS meta data, to monitor real-time activity and communicate risks to parents while providing educational resources.

The company’s stock shot up 50% in early morning trade, on the back of the announcement.

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