Tech company Wangle Technologies unveils its online child protection software

Wangle Technologies WGL online child protection software

Wangle Technologies (ASX: WGL) has launched its Wangle Family Insites product, which assists parents with tracking their children’s internet usage and mitigating “risky” online behaviour.

Initially targeting Australia’s 6 million families, Wangle Technologies is also planning expansion into international markets, which the company believes have untapped potential of US$100 billion.

Wangle Family Insites works by analysing live mobile network traffic across the company’s VPN to help parents with mitigating online risks including gaming addiction, cyber bullying, sexting, pornography and sexual predators.

Additionally, the product incorporates educational resources which help parents better-handle risky online situations when they arise.

According to the company, other child protection software products either “block” or “spy” on children’s online behaviour, which can erode trust and family communication.

Whereas, Wangle Family Insites combines Telethon Kids Institute’s research and behavioural insights with network and GPS metadata, while protecting children’s browsing using the company’s VPN.

Children’s online activity is monitored in real-time, with alerts sent to parents.

This is backed with family education which gives parents advice on how to approach their children and detailed and accurate information on the actual threat.

Wangle Technologies claims research has shown “trust between parents and children is crucial for addressing real online threats”. The company’s aim is to equip parents with teaching their children to navigate the online world safety.

Wangle Technologies has also started marketing activity for its Wangle Family Insites product using paid social media campaigns, content marketing and paid search to boost brand awareness.

Wangle Family Insites is available via Apple and Android app stores via a family subscription on a monthly or annual basis.

The company used the Sydney TechKnow Invest Roadshow as a platform to launch the product, which is one of Australasia’s primary technology investor events.

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