Talga Resources continues to beat commercial benchmark with ‘ultra-fast charge’ battery

Talga Resources ASX TLG graphite anode ultra fast charge lithium-ion battery testing
During testing Talga Resources' graphite anode product enabled the full charge of a lithium-ion battery in three minutes.

A lithium-ion battery anode product developed by Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) has achieved “ultra-fast” charge rates in new battery testing, successfully outperforming a competitive commercial product.

The advanced materials technology company today reported the positive test results of its graphite anode product, which it is trademarking as Talnode-X, in enabling a full charge (from 0% to 100%) of lithium-ion battery in just three minutes.

Back in May, anode product testing showed Talga’s graphite had 20% more capacity and power, 94% first cycle efficiency and no capacity fade after 300 cycles.

Following these breakthrough results, the company has accelerated development with new tests being conducted at an independent battery test facility in Europe.

At the facility, lithium-ion batteries using the Talnode-X product were subjected to high charge conditions and benchmarked against a global leading commercial anode product.

According to Talga, the test results showed its product “significantly outperformed” the commercial product across a range of charge rates, achieving a very high charge capacity in excess of 300 ampere hours per gram at an ultra-fast charge rate of three minutes.

To compare, the commercial product only achieved a high charge capacity of at least 300Ah/g in one hour or longer.

Fast-charge impact

In a fast-paced modern world, high-speed charging of lithium-ion batteries is becoming more important as consumers demand reductions in charging time.

However, faster charging rates can have a negative impact on the battery life of conventional graphite anode batteries, causing capacity loss, as well as increasing the risk of internal overheating and the growth of metal dendrites which could cause a short circuit and potentially, ignition.

Talga has engineered its anode product to have excess capacity in the anode compared to a conventional cell anode. This is what has enabled it to reach an ultra-fast charge rate of 20C (three minutes), while the top-tier conventional graphite cells were shown to lose capacity when charged at a rate of 5C (12 minutes).

Next moves

Talga has moved to trademark its range of specific lithium-ion anode products as Talnode, with each product having a unique designation based on formation and application. For example, the product used in these latest tests has been named Talnode-X.

Talnode-X evaluation is continuing across European battery test facilities and is expected to begin at a leading independent battery development institute in Asia.

The test parameters include customer protocols and specifications with results to be benchmarked against current commercial products.

In addition, Talga said it has executed a series on non-disclosure and sample transfer agreements with European, Japanese and Korean automotive, electrical goods and lithium-ion battery manufacturers to support continued technical and commercial discussions.

The company is hoping for outcomes such as technology and product development partnerships, offtake and distribution deals and project or manufacturing partnerships.

Talga’s stock was up 6.74% to $0.475 on the news by afternoon trade.

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