Skyfii attracts Lewis Land Group to its full-spectrum data analytics platform

Skyfii ASX SKF Lewis Land Group data analytics

Data analytics specialist Skyfii (ASX: SKF) has signed a three-year contract with Australian property developer, Lewis Land Group.

The deal is another in a growing series of similar agreements signed with a range of companies including financial services giants HSBC Australia, large retail space managers Precision Group and healthcare providers such as Nuffield Health, in recent months.

The deal with Lewis Land tasks Skyfii with deploying and implementing its cutting-edge network infrastructure including IO Connect used for data collection and IO Insight to collect data analytics, across Lewis Land’s two large open-plan shopping centres in Adelaide and the Gold Coast, dubbed the “Harbour Town” shopping centres.

According to Skyfii, it provided Lewis Land with various network infrastructure over the busy Christmas period and activated its platform’s data analytics in early 2018, as part of a test phase to demonstrate its capability in collating valuable metadata and identifying overarching trends within consumers’ shopping habits.

By deploying Skyfii’s IO Platform, Lewis Land wants to obtain an ability to unlock key insights into shopper affinities and space usage.

In other words, Skyfii facilitates its clients to know every minute detail of what shoppers tend to do (and why) simply by measuring their “footfall and dwell time”.

Having greater knowledge of such information allows Lewis Land to obtain a greater understanding of consumers’ motives and will thereby enable more informed decisions to be made regarding space usage, promotions and utilisation of existing resources.

Integrating Skyfii’s IO Platform will provide Lewis Land with an immediate increase in available customer behaviour insights and will effectively arm its senior planners and floor-space designers to create “improved shopping experiences” which is ultimately expected to boost sales and customer brand loyalty.

From history to future

Lewis Land is one of Australia’s oldest private property developers and claims to have developed more than 20,000 residential living spaces along Australia’s sprawling coastline.

The company says it first introduced “outlet shopping” to Australia in the 1990s and were the first to popularise open-air shopping environments.

Lewis Land’s growth and development has helped it to become a well-established retail space operator that’s widely recognised as the “best in market”.

“The provision of free WiFi at our centres exemplifies our commitment to providing our customers with a first-class experience, and we are delighted to partner with Skyfii to bring this to life,” said Chris Calvert, chief executive officer of Lewis Land.

“The Harbour Town shopping centres are both large, outdoor open plan venues with a broad variety of tenancy and shopping precincts. The deployment of services to Lewis Land represents another successful execution for Skyfii in the retail property industry, extending our position as the leading provider of services within Australia,” said John Rankin, chief operating officer of Skyfii.

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