Mogul’s successful Silver Slam tournament underpins key insights ahead of global expansion

Mogul ASX ESH Silver Slam tournament Razer
Mogul hosted close to 1,500 tournaments throughout the duration of Silver Slam.

eSports media company Mogul (ASX: ESH) has reached a pivotal milestone after successfully completing its inaugural Silver Slam tournament in conjunction with its strategic partner, Razer.

The competition, which boasted a prize pool value of $275,000, was held over the course of February and early March and involved just under 1,500 Silver Slam tournaments taking place.

With up to 20 tournaments held concurrently, Mogul labelled the Asia-focused tournament a “technical and logistical feat” which had been well-received from the player base.

All up, 17 gaming titles were hosted throughout the tournament, with the highest performing titles now continuing to be run on Mogul, including Apex Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Hearthstone and Rainbow Six Siege.

As a key partner, Razer was involved in promoting the tournament to its 50-million strong database which included offering a range of incentives for participants.

There was significant hype and anticipation in the lead up to the launch of Silver Slam, with Mogul actively expanding its game title catalogue to players via its proprietary platform

Insights help drive future development

Mogul said it had been able to discern some interesting insights from Silver Slam – from technology automation to process – which will be utilised to drive its near-term plans for expansion into multiple new markets.

An insight of interest was the fact that one-one-one tournaments were heavily favoured by platform users.

As a result, the company will move to facilitate more one-on-one and solo tournaments.

In a continued effort to scale the active player base, Mogul said it would also focus on creating team finder functionality and organiser portals as the it continues to enhance automation on the platform.

Commenting on the tournament, newly appointed Mogul chief strategy and commercial officer Jamie Skella said it was a resounding success.

“This sets us up to confidently deliver on even grander opportunities ahead of us, while providing insights that will prove highly beneficial for operational and technical success as we expand into other countries around the world very soon,” he said.

The success of Silver Slam comes off the back of strong growth in its user numbers, with Mogul recently increasing the total number of registered users on its platform to over 1.5 million.

This reflects the broader industry trend in esports, with Newzoo reporting there were 2.3 billion gamers across all platforms globally in 2018 estimated to be worth more than US$137.9 billion.

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