Mobilicom leverages SkyHopper to establish three new drone ecosystem partners

Mobilicom ASX MOB SkyHopper drone ecosystem partners SmartAP Agrowing Japan UAS

Mobilicom (ASX: MOB) has established cooperation with three new drone ecosystem partners and says the deal could mean increased market share and higher revenues.

The communications developer said it has signed SmartAP by Sky-Drones, Agrowing and the Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA), as part of a “co-operation” that “accelerates penetration and integration processes for SkyHopper,” the company’s proprietary platform that supports its range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) – also known as drones.

In April, Mobilicom said its long-range SkyHopper PROV and SkyHopper PRO designs will be integrated into UK UAV’s manufacturer Clogworks’ Dark Matter hX platform, making it Mobilicom’s first SkyHopper design win in the UK.

The contract with Clogworks makes it Mobilicom’s ninth design contract overall for its SkyHopper technology.

Partner introduction

Today’s partnership announcement is a welcome step for the company that further promotes Mobilicom’s market traction over the past year. The company said that it has now established compatibility or cooperation with ten ecosystem companies within the commercial and industrial drones and robotics market “meeting with SkyHopper’s aggressive first-year goal.”

According to Mobilicom, SkyHopper’s holistic approach “enables drone manufacturers and service providers to focus on their own business objectives by reducing time-to-market, minimising resource expenditures and increasing their chances for success.”


SmartAP develops flight control systems and autopilots which can be applied to a wide range of drone applications such as inspection, security and safety. The co-operation led to a new design win in the UK for SkyHopper in earlier this year with high commercialisation hopes in the years to come.


‘Agrowing’ is an Israeli company which is developing a high-end narrow-bands multispectral solution for remote and close sensing, with effective and immediate surveys for the agriculture industry. As part of a “dedicated initiative”, Mobilicom says it has developed a method of cooperating and synchronising compatibility.


Last but not least, Mobilicom is partnering with JUIDA, a company that is cooperating with domestic and foreign research centres, organisations and commercial entities to pursue “health market growth” in all applications.

“Being a part of this ecosystem is an important factor in becoming a major player in the commercial drone environment. It will lead to a higher penetration rate and an increase in market share and revenue,” said Oren Elkayam, CEO of Mobilicom.

Mr Elkayam added that: “SkyHopper keeps hitting or surpassing its targets despite aggressive first-year goals, and we are very confident that it will continue its success in the following years.”

Mobilicom business

Mobilicom designs and develops communication solutions for “mission-critical” and remote mobile private networks that can operate without the need for existing infrastructure.

Some of the prime markets the company services include transportation, maritime, robotics, disaster relief, public safety, security and surveillance.

Within each market niche and “product families”, the company delivers wireless communications solutions including infrastructure in “brutal” environments.

Mobilicom products and technologies are based on an innovative approach that merges 4G and so-called Mobile MESH technologies.

Mobilicom has two entities – the first is Mobilicom’s core business entity, with solutions that cater to mission-critical communication in the Government and Enterprise sector with applications of offshore oil, gas and energy; homeland security and public safety and unmanned vehicles.

The second is its SkyHopper entity, a provider of end-to-end hardware and software solutions which targets the commercial and industrial drones and robotics sector.

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