Mobilicom SkyHopper drone design to join Clogworks’ Dark Matter hX fleet

Mobilicom ASX MOB SkyHopper drone design Clogworks Dark Matter hX
Mobilicom’s SkyHopper drone.

Mobilicom’s (ASX: MOB) long-range SkyHopper PROV and SkyHopper PRO designs will be integrated into UK unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer Clogworks’ Dark Matter hX platform, making it Mobilicom’s first SkyHopper design win in the UK.

The contract with Clogworks makes it Mobilicom’s ninth design contract overall for its SkyHopper technology.

Mobilicom networked drones can travel more than 5km from their operator’s line-of-sight and contain relay technology to ensure their high-definition video can be seen remotely and in real time.

Clogworks will integrate both the SkyHopper PRO and SkyHopper PROV into its Dark Matter hX platform, with PROV able to capture video from two separate cameras.

“We chose to equip our Dark Matter hX drones with SkyHopper by Mobilicom products. They are the perfect combination of a small form factor and a wide range of operation,” Clogworks’ chief executive officer and founder Peter Opdam said.

Clogworks’ Dark Matter hX come with fully autonomous navigation capability coupled with long flight times and powerful mission-planning software for ultra-long-range missions.

The unmanned vehicles are intended for both security and surveillance activities.

Mobilicom founder and chief executive officer Oren Elkayam called the latest collaboration a design win for the SkyHopper business.

“This is our first design win in the UK, further expanding SkyHopper’s global presence and positioning,” Mr Elkayam said today in a statement.

“We are happy to deliver SkyHopper’s holistic approach to the UK and to continue the relationship with Clogworks as they win key accounts in the UK and the US.”

Mobilicom said PROV and PRO would be fully integrated on the hX platform, predicting the marry-up would position the SkyHopper business for “important market share in the growing commercial and industrial drone sector”.

As the ninth design win for Mobilicom’s SkyHopper business, this latest contract beats the company’s target for eight design wins in its first year of operation.

In March 2018, SkyHopper took steps to become a high-end component provider for the drone market, by launching SkyHopper VU.

The viewing interface offers a mobile high-definition video and telemetry receiver terminal that can be seen by multiple viewers at once.

Mobilicom also launched a unified ruggedised receiver terminal called MCU-RVT in March, a compact remote video terminal with tablet and battery pack.

About Mobilicom

Tel Aviv company Mobilicom joined the ASX almost a year ago.

The A$13.7 million company’s share price closed steady A$0.20 on its first day of trading, 2 May 2017.

Its client list includes oil and gas multinational ExxonMobil, which has generated more than A$1.1 million in business.

The company’s investors have watched the value of their investment decline over the last year, blaming the downward trend on persistent sell-downs.

Mobilicom will hold its annual meeting in Melbourne on 30 May.

Investors are set to vote on the company’s request for an additional placement capacity for up to 10% of its issued capital in a 12-month period at the meeting.

They will also vote on whether to re-elect retiring directors Yossi Segal, Campbell McComb and Mark Licciardo, and issue 400,000 options over ordinary shares to its founder-chief Mr Elkayam.

Mobilicom securities were up 10% to A$0.063 by late morning.

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