Mike Tyson pursues slice of cannabis industry with luxury 400-acre weed resort

Mike Tyson cannabis ranch
Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is set to make waves in the cannabis industry.

Mike Tyson is punching his way into the cannabis industry as both the medicinal and recreational varieties continue to attract more consumers and producers, with the boxer to open the doors to his luxury resort for cannabis users in the near future.

As one of the most famous boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, is just one of the many high-profile people that are helping to expand the popularity of the cannabis plant that has been made illegal by governments for decades.

Other celebrity figures are also eager to get on the cannabis bandwagon including the likes of hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg, actress Whoopi Goldberg, musician Willie Nelson and Damian Marley, the youngest son of reggae artist Bob Marley.

Based in the US, “Iron Mike” Tyson has set up a business aimed at producing and distributing cannabis via a bulging range of smokable cannabis, extracts and edibles.

Mike Tyson growing cannabis ranch
Tyson is taking a hands on approach with his new cannabis business.

Not stopping there, Tyson wants to land a knockout punch to the consumer cannabis sector by paving the way forward and showing the world how engaging the industry can be.

To do this, Tyson has drawn up plans for a luxury 400-acre resort catering for a range of cannabis users, although the prime focus remains recreational users wanting to get high in peace.

Ranching for cannabis

Located in Desert Hot Springs in California, the resort is expected to serve as a form of Disneyland for cannabis users, offering a long list of attractions including the world’s longest lazy river, a hotel, “glamping units”, an outdoor amphitheatre, wave pool, golf facilities, sports arena and even a university in order to teach cannabis growing techniques to aspiring growers.

Work on the ranch started back in 2017 and is set to open its doors to the public in the very near future.

Tyson has not set a firm opening date although the hype surrounding the venture continues to build with market analysts expecting thousands to flock to the ranch once it’s up and running.

Cannabis ranch luxury Mike Tyson Desert Hot Springs California
Tyson Ranch is located in Desert Hot Springs, California.

According to existing plans, visitors will not be able to buy cannabis on site but could smoke any form of cannabis they choose, across the entire site.

Tyson Ranch will compliment his cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings (now called The Ranch Companies), which he created in 2016.

The company sells several cannabis strains, edibles and merchandise, but more importantly, wants to cash in on the expansive cannabis industry in North America that’s going mainstream very quickly on the back of softened legislation that now allows pretty much anyone over the age of 18 to smoke cannabis recreationally.

Quality over quantity

Tyson Ranch promises “consistency and quality” with a mission to make cannabis universally understood and accessible”.

More specifically, the former boxing heavyweight declares that through select partnerships with esteemed growers, Tyson Ranch will produce the very best cannabis.

Furthermore, the company bears a commitment to “exotic genetics” in order to deliver clean, quality, premium cannabis to US consumers.

Mike Tyson holding cannabis
Tyson prides his cannabis products on quality.

One of the ways Tyson Ranch aims to fulfil its promise to its growing customer base is by meticulously inspecting and testing all produce for impurities at every stage of the growing, curing, and packing process. A key consideration is reducing the sale of crops that have been affected by bugs and never selling products that have been doused in pesticides.

“Pesticide-free, lab tested, ingredients designed by nature” is just one of the slogans used by Tyson Ranch to underline its broader mission statement of delivering good quality cannabis in various forms and varieties.

Another unique selling point being touted by Tyson Ranch is the company’s commitment to flushing, drying and curing all produce – a step not often taken by other manufacturers given the typical focus on weight rather than maturity. The product being produced by Tyson Ranch takes over 30 days to harvest to ensure natural flavonoids and terpenes are preserved in their entirety.

Tyson ranch growing plants
The cannabis growing facilities at Tyson Ranch.

According to the company, its focus is entirely on natural and organic processes and avoiding artificial methods that may generate larger yields, yet, can often fall short on quality and flavour.

As a testament to this mentality, Tyson Ranch says it always cultivates its produce by hand-trimming and never using industrial methods in order to preserve trichomes – fine outgrowths or hairs found on the cannabis plant that are said to contain beneficial compounds, boost flavour and create an aesthetically pleasing final product.

Cannabis Disneyland

Cannabis is making a quickfire comeback into popular culture as government regulation is finally taking the shackles off cultivation and production.

A whole host of countries, namely the US, Canada, Australia, Uruguay, Germany and the UK are the current pacesetters when it comes to recreational cannabis with medicinal cannabis being permitted in even more territories globally.

As so happens in most newly created industries that court the consumer market, businesses rush to grab market share, establish strong brands and dominate the nature of the industry itself.

So too with the cannabis industry.

Mike Tyson ranch cannabis
From seed to sale, Tyson’s cannabis crop is 100% bug & pesticide free.

Given the nature of cannabis, its users and their preferred requirements (a place to smoke without the threat of prosecution while being entertained), the Tyson Ranch may well have presented the perfect formula for how this entheogenic plant should be marketed to the mass market.

Instead of consumers dwindling at home or in public spaces, enjoying the feeling of being high could be far better amongst other smokers in a serene environment that’s much akin to a theme park.

Mike Tyson may well have landed a knockout punch – or better put – hit the bullseye with his business idea of creating a cannabis wonderland built on quality and choice.

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