Linius pilots video search technology with Oklahoma State University, plans roll out across US

Linius Technologies ASX LNU video search technology Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University will test Linius Cognitive Search.

Video virtual search engine inventor Linius Technologies (ASX: LNU) has joined forces with the Oklahoma State University in the United States to test Linius’ cognitive search technology in a proof of concept study.

The duo will also work with artificial intelligence company IBM Watson to migrate the university’s 10,000-hour video library into virtual data.

Using Linius’ video virtualisation engine technology, users can search within videos similar to text-based search to produce only relevant results.

The video virtualisation engine converts static videos into interactive virtual video that can be manipulated in transit to its final destination. The last step in the process comprises an instantly reassembled video file at its destination.

According to Linius executive vice president Ken Ruck, video accounts for 80% of internet traffic and the company’s technology is the only one that can undertake searches across sports, entertainment, education, corporate communications and other industries.

During the study with the Oklahoma State University, users will be able carry out a personalised search of the university’s entire video library and produce only relevant results in the form of a part of a video or an entire video.

The university’s video library contains footage of academia, sports, alumni relations and student life.

“Linius is changing how video content will be created in the educational sector, including recruiting, marketing, lectures, research, fund raising, athletic reels, newscasts and more,” Mr Ruck said.

“For example, an economics student could search for ‘balance of payments’ across multiple lectures and effortlessly stitch a video together containing the relevant information,” he added, noting “without Linius, this would involve manually trawling through every lecture individually.”

Oklahoma State University has more than 25,000 students and the campus is just one of 4,724 universities and colleges throughout the US that Linius is targeting for a roll out of its technology.

“The applications in education are endless and we intend to roll out across the sector,” Mr Ruck said.

The proof of concept project is due to begin by the end of the current quarter.

Linius incorporates Microsoft artificial intelligence

In mid-December last year, Linius incorporated Microsoft’s artificial intelligence services to transform video search capabilities.

The company claimed the combined technologies transformed video search capabilities, enabling users, for example, to search for every goal ever kicked by their favourite footballer.

Virtual video blockchain in the works

Meanwhile, Linius is developing a virtual video blockchain to “revolutionise” the way video is distributed across the virtual world and eradicate piracy.

In their currently MP4 format, video files are too large for incorporation into a blockchain.

However, Linius’ virtual video technology compresses the files into a much small size.

Linius undertakes pilot with Warner Bros

In addition to its other project, Linius is undertaking a pilot with Warner Bros.

The collaboration will utilise Linius’ virtual video engine platform to rent films to Australian viewers and eradicate piracy problems using the technology’s data protection methods.

Linius’ share price was unchanged at A$0.115 by mid-day.

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