Linius Technologies to use Microsoft AI for video search boost

Linius Technologies ASX LNU Microsoft artificial intelligence Video Virtualization Engine search

Linius Technologies (ASX: LNU) has incorporated Microsoft’s artificial intelligence services with its Video Virtualization Engine to transform video search capabilities.

Similar to a text-based search, the integration of Microsoft’s cognitive artificial intelligence services for video and Video Virtualization Engine enables users to search within videos to instantaneously return only relevant results.

The technology can be used to search videos across sports, entertainment, education, corporate communications and other industries.

According to Linius, it’s technology is the only one that can do this search within a video or videos, with video making up almost 80% of all internet traffic. Linius predicts video will account for 82% of internet traffic by 2021.

Similar to Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are also investing in artificial intelligence tool to analyse video content and append data to the file.

Linius claims its video virtualization is the missing link in monetising of artificial intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence providers are a key path to market for Linius,” Linius chief executive officer Chris Richardson said.

“Imagine being able to search for all of the goals by your favourite football player and have your video search return instantaneously compiled from multiple vices with those goals in it.”

“Only Linius can do this,” he added.

The company’s Video Virtualization Engine works by converting static videos into an interactive virtual video. Then the virtual video can be manipulated in transit to its destination. The final step involves the instantaneously reassembled vide file at its destination.

Linius describes it as “like splitting the atom of traditional video” to unlock its potential. “With that virtual file in hand, you can access its digital DNA on a molecular level to tag, index, parse, splice, manage and manipulate its video content on the fly.”

The technology can also provide anti-piracy, increased security and search capabilities as well as facilitate personalised advertising.

Linius has granted core patents in the US, European Union, Canada, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, with two continuation patents in the US and several others pending or in the process.

Shares in Linius were up more than 6% to A$0.082 in early morning trade. In the past five days the company’s stock has rocketed more than 100%.

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