Esports Mogul opens commercial umbrella with referral platform feature

Esports Mogul ASX ESH friend referral platform feature
Mogul has commenced the development of the 'Refer-a-Friend' feature to further increase user acquisition, while simultaneously lowering the cost of acquisition.

Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) has unveiled yet another consumer-focused feature designed to expand the functionality of its flagship eSports platform, Mogul, as part of a broader strategy to recruit more users.

The company stated that its Mogul platform is the world’s best tournament and matchmaking platform with “full automation” for major eSports titles such as Counterstrike, Vain Glory and League of Legends already developed.

The aim is to deliver more functionality for a wider selection of games including mobile-gaming titles which are currently considered the fastest-growing market segment in gaming.

As an industry, Esports is one of the newest yet fastest growing industries in the world that sports around 2.2 billion gamers across all platforms.

Last year, market analysts estimated that the total video game market was worth around US$116 billion (A$160 billion) – and growing.

To capture as much of the eSports gaming market as possible, Esports Mogul has said its in-house technology team has commenced development of a referral incentive “Refer-a-Friend” program that is hoped will deliver further subscriptions for the emergent eSports company.

The new feature will allow dedicated Mogul users to share a private URL and be rewarded with Razer zSilver for a successful registration to the Mogul platform.

Integration of Razer’s reward credits via zSilver is expected to enable Esports Mogul to strengthen its strategic partnership with gaming giant Razer Inc – now a significant stakeholder in the company as a whole – and their 50-million-strong user base.

Esports Mogul says its ‘Refer-a-Friend’ feature has been specifically designed to drive user acquisition as well as reward engaged Mogul users with “perks and prizes” for their dedication and participation across all aspects of the platform.

Brand revamp

Just recently, the eSports company has been on a mission to tweak several of its service features that aim to bring competitive gaming to the masses including the ability for gamers to take part in online tournaments featuring players from all over the world.

One of its latest tweaks, saw Esports Mogul rebranding its gamer-focused platform from “Mogul Arena” to “Mogul” and using a catchier top-level domain – The name change was carried out based on the company’s conclusion that Mogul had become “more than just a tournament platform.”

Esports Mogul branding new logo
Esports Mogul has rebranded its gamer platforms to ‘Mogul’.

The rebranding exercise also includes the implementation of a brand-new logo across all Mogul-owned platforms including Mogul Arena and Mogul News, which Esports Mogul said is “comprised of a powerful image evoking ideas of the gaming world.”

The company said that ‘Mogul’ is now an “umbrella brand” because of its multiple features that stand independently, thereby opening up opportunities for “individual partnerships” which Esports Mogul CEO Gernot Abl, expects to deliver “more room for growth” in the coming months.

Esports Mogul has described its recent brand revamp as a “simple form of consumer-to-consumer communication” that serves as “an effective and personable way to acquire new users” which ties into Mogul’s overall goal to significantly increase the number of gamers using its eSports platform.

Asian tournament series

Esports Mogul will have an excellent opportunity to show off its newly-branded platform at a forthcoming series of Asian gaming tournaments to be organised by ONE Championship, one of Asia’s most prolific sports media companies.

As part of ONE Championship’s move into eSports, Esports Mogul has secured a role to organise and stage one of Asia’s most exclusive eSports series, to be known as the “ONE eSports championship”.

Courtesy of its deal with ONE Championship and its partner Dentsu, Esports Mogul will take the reins in bringing this eSports championship to a primarily Asian audience in 2019.

The ONE eSports championship is being organised by a consortium of companies including Esports Mogul’s partner, Razer Inc, Singtel and leading Japanese ad agency Dentsu.

“The development of the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ incentive is a creative and effective way to onboard new users to the Mogul platform. Consumer-to-consumer communication has been proven to be more effective than other traditional forms of marketing, so we are excited to see the outcomes of the new incentive alongside our partner Razer Inc,” said Mr Abl.

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