Esports Mogul on cusp of integrating VIP subscription feature into Razer’s MOLPay gateway

Esports Mogul ASX ESH VIP subscription Razer MOLPay gateway monetisation
Mogul Arena has completed development of its first monetisation feature – VIP Subscription.

Esports Mogul (ASX: ESH) has added further functionality to its flagship eSports tournament platform Mogul Arena via the development and integration of a VIP subscription feature that is expected to create a differentiated service from its standard offering, and thereby, generating an additional revenue stream for the eSports company.

Mogul Arena is considered as one of the world’s best online eSports tournament platforms that offers both full tournament automation and state-of-the-art functionality that integrates gaming with user-friendly social media features.

Given the extensive range of game-publisher relationships set up by the Australian eSports pioneer, Mogul Arena is already deeply integrated with the leading global eSports titles such as ‘Counter-Strike’ and ‘DOTA 2’, as well as mobile-gaming titles.

Esports Mogul says that its proprietary platform is the only platform that allows “completely automated tournament play and results across multiple games.”

Users who sign up to the VIP Subscription feature will be able to access exclusive tournaments, private Esports Elite leaderboards, extra awards for daily tournaments, profile personalisation and “customised prizing rewards”, according to Esports Mogul.

“I am extremely pleased to announce to the market that Esports Mogul is ready to enter into monetisation through the VIP Subscription feature on Mogul Arena. The additional offerings to users will not only entice registrations but greatly increase the value of the platform,” said Gernot Abl, managing director of Esports Mogul.

Another service feature that is expected for integration are additional language options.

Mogul Arena is currently available in English, Thai and Vietnamese with imminent plans for its platform to also include localised language options for Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Indonesian gamers.

Approaching monetisation via Razer and MOLPay

As part of its intention to establish a strong presence in eSports within Australia and Asia, Esports Mogul says its VIP Subscription feature will be regularly updated to ensure continued user engagement with pricing set to be “market specific”, according to the emergent eSports company.

The VIP functionality now will be integrated with MOLPay, a business unit run by US-based gaming hardware manufacturing giant Razer.

The manufacturer became a significant shareholder in Esports Mogul in June this year, with both companies expecting a bright collaborative future in the years ahead.

MOLPay is southeast Asia’s largest payment gateway provider that powers online transactions of household brands Starbucks, Expedia and Sephora for millions of southeast Asian customers daily.

Integrating a VIP feature in MOLPay serves as a definitive step for Esports Mogul to be able to easily accept in-game purchases and other transactions from all over southeast Asia, regardless of the local currency.

Esports Mogul has confirmed that as soon as MOLPay is integrated, the VIP Subscription feature will be ready for release.

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