Emerge Gaming inks deal to launch GameCloud in US market

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By Danica Cullinane - 
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Emerge Gaming will engage US-based game developer Digital Circus Media to assist in launching its GameCloud game streaming technology in the US.


Emerge Gaming (ASX: EM1) is planning to team up with US-based game developer Digital Circus Media to launch its GameCloud game streaming technology in the United States.

Digital Circus is a game development and interactive storytelling company headed by David Wheeler, an award-winning writer, director and designer of video games and interactive movies.

Under his leadership, games including Medal of Honor, Ghostbusters and The Bourne Conspiracy have generated more than US$2 billion in revenue.

Under a signed memorandum of understanding announced today, Emerge will engage Digital Circus to develop ‘AAA’ (that is, blockbuster-rated games) interactive gaming experiences across the US market and add content to Emerge’s GameCloud technology.


Under a global distribution deal, Emerge has been working with cloud gaming and mobile entertainment platform Cloudzen to identify key regions to target for the rollout of its GameCloud technology.

In March, Emerge announced the successful validation and testing of the technology across Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa and Australia.

Emerge and Cloudzen have now embarked on the planning phase of a North American program with strategic partners in the US and Canada.

According to Emerge, David Wheeler will provide advisory assistance in developing gaming content and introducing content relationships for the introduction of GameCloud into the US.

Digital Circus is also expected to introduce “value-added partnerships and other relevant resources to promote, develop, distribute and produce games and supplemental multimedia content to support the success of the product launches,” Emerge stated.

Further down the track, the company hopes Digital Circus can assist it with global esports game development for its underlying content assets.

“This collaboration is a key component to opening up the US market for the introduction of the GameCloud technology and opening up new avenues for mobile e-sports in North America,” Emerge chief executive officer Gregory Stevens said.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Emerge Gaming and Cloudzen. They have a sharp focus on the future of gaming and interactive media and that future is now,” Digital Circus founder and chief executive officer David Wheeler added.

Rollout strategy

Emerge said this deal with Digital Circus is a key component of GameCloud’s rollout.

Other regions agreed for distribution under its deal with Cloudzen include South Africa, the United Kingdom, South America, Africa, India and Australia.

The planned rollouts are anticipated to align with Emerge’s rollout strategy for its ArcadeX e-sports and casual gaming tournament platform.