Bioxyne prepares colostrum and honey health product for Chinese market

Bioxyne ASX BXN colostrum honey health product Chinese market

Biotech company Bioxyne Limited (ASX: BXN) has revealed it is working on plans to cast its novel New Zealand honey product into China, thereby capturing an overlooked portion of the nutritional consumer market that’s growing rapidly on the back of a thriving middle-class in southeast Asia and China in particular.

In a market update to shareholders, Bioxyne said that has now received registration approval for its MYMANA product to be sold in Malaysia, with a Chinese import license currently “in progress”.

MYMANA is a unique formulation of colostrum, honey and dairy milk formula, sourced from New Zealand and “boosted with vitamins and minerals for sustained energy,” according to Bioxyne.

The NSW-based biotech company says colostrum and honey exerts positive effects on the immune system, with its products specifically designed for “sustained energy and wellbeing for the entire family.”

According to scientific research, colostrum is the first milk produced by all mammals after giving birth and is therefore rich in antibodies to protect the newborn against disease. Based on this premise, Bioxyne has developed MYMANA as a means of improving outcomes in the areas of immunity, gut health, weight management and sports performance.

From Oceania with health

Bioxyne has chosen to manufacture its range of nutritional products in New Zealand after scientists discovered that New Zealand honey has wide-ranging health benefits because of its high antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content.

Bioxyne has developed MYMANA based on various research into colostrum and continues to develop its broader range of health products, underpinned by the known health properties offered by New Zealand’s honey.

In a statement to the market regarding today’s announcement, Bioxyne said that “New Zealand honey tastes good and is also a superior and healthier sweetener than other sweetening ingredients.

Bioxyne has already introduced its plant-based Mustang nutritional shake, its Progastrim probiotic for gut health, and proTract for treating atopic dermatitis in infants into Malaysia in recent months.

Bioxyne says all its products are “clean and environmentally green,” developed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, and is being made available for sale across Asia, New Zealand and Australia, as part of a “targeted” move into China and southeast Asia.

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