Bioxyne introduces three new health products into Asian market

Bioxyne ASX BXN Progastrim proTract
Bioxyne's Progastrim and proTract products.

Bioxyne (ASX: BXN) will introduce its plant-based Mustang nutritional shake for men into Malaysia’s market later this month, as well as its Progastrim probiotics for gut health and proTract for treating atopic dermatitis in infants.

The Australian and New Zealand products will be rolled out for sale across Asia and will be available in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Bioxyne, Australian and New Zealand made products are viewed within the Asian market as “clean and environmentally green”.

The Mustang health shake was developed to support healthy weight management in men by reducing hunger and increasing feelings of satiety along with a range of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy gut.

“The company has over the last six months been focussed on developing a product range in health and beauty consistent with the very best ingredients New Zealand and Australia have to offer,” Bioxyne managing director NH Chua said.

Hight in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, Mustang assists with building and repairing body tissues as well as reducing cholesterol.

The shake also contains inulin, which acts as a prebiotic to assist in maintaining healthy guy bacteria, reduce hunger pangs and food intake. Mustang also supports bone and joint health, as well as men’s general well-being.

In addition to Mustang, Progastrim we created with the company’s patented probiotic strain which has been shown to assist in maintaining normal healthy gastrointestinal and immune systems in clinical studies.

The proTract product for treating atopic dermatitis in infants also contains a probiotic which has reduced symptoms of moderate to severe eczema and atopic dermatitis in studies.

“We have a pipeline of products in development – an exciting new product for the China market is at the registration stage in Asia and is scheduled to be launched by 31 March 2018,” Mr Chua said.

The company’s other available products include: BK18, which is a dairy-based breakfast replacement for families; Allura, which is a weight-loss and beauty product with collagen for women; and BEssence, which is an anti-aging serum comprising bee venom, collagen peptides, stem cell extract and harakeke flax gel.

These products were launched into the Asian market in early December after the company was granted a direct selling licence into Malaysia in late-October last year.

By late morning trade, shares in Bioxyne had risen more than 5% to A$0.10.

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