ApplyDirect buzzes towards health sector expansion

ApplyDirect ASX AD1 health sector recruitment

Digital marketing and recruitment-enabler ApplyDirect (ASX: AD1) has taken steps to further its reach within the Australian health sector by signing agreements with two health services.

The commercial relationships are expected to enable a much faster, more transparent and more efficient method of recruiting new employees for businesses.

The premise behind ApplyDirect is to disrupt the existing role of recruitment consultants — the middle-men of recruitment — by allowing employers to engage candidates directly.

To roll out it “talent acquisition solution”, ApplyDirect has signed agreements with two health services in both the private and public sector in Victoria, Australia.

Combined, the two health companies currently employ 9,000 people making today’s announcement a significant milestone for ApplyDirect.

The deals mean ApplyDirect’s HealthBuzz job platform is likely to add a significant number of new users as well as extending its market footprint in the healthcare sector.

As part of its growth and development, ApplyDirect won a tender with the Victorian Government to manage it government careers portal last month. And just before that, ApplyDirect signed an agreement to develop a mobile app for the New South Wales Government in order to support its government careers portal.

According to ApplyDirect, its HealthBuzz platform will be implemented for both health services towards the end of this year and will provide higher revenue per job, longer-term and deeper relationships with customers.

ApplyDirect also sees strong possibilities of introducing further innovations and up-selling existing customers to drive recurring revenue growth in addition to adding new customers.

Sustaining future growth

To achieve strong sustainable growth, AppyDirect reports that it is adding additional capacity to its sales team and expects to implement Google Cloud Job Discovery search engine functionality into its flagship HealthBuzz platform by the end of March 2018.

HealthBuzz assesses, consolidates and catalogues job listings and makes them readily available for candidates. Furthermore, HealthBuzz is able to track and monitor all activities with in-depth data analytics and automation features allowing employers to put less emphasis on administrative tasks and focusing on candidates instead.

Commenting on the new agreements, ApplyDirect CEO Lorcan Barden said, “Following the recent Victorian Government tender success and our collaboration with Google, these customer wins demonstrate the growing momentum in the adoption of our talent acquisition solution and further consolidates ApplyDirect’s position in the health sector.”

“Our talent acquisition solution will provide such customers with significant incremental value and ultimately, drive a higher return on investment,” he added.

“One of our key priorities for the remainder of the 2018 financial year is to accelerate the conversion of our customer pipeline. With additional capability being added to our sales team and Google Cloud Job Discovery expected to be implemented by the end of March 2018, the business is well positioned for strong sustainable growth.”

At market open ApplyDirect shares were trading at $0.12 per share, around 5% higher from yesterday’s market close.

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