Anteo Diagnostics to test potentially disruptive nano-coating technology in lithium-ion battery

Anteo Diagnostics ASX ADO lithium-ion battery nano-coating technology

Anteo Diagnostics (ASX: ADO) has dipped into lithium-ion battery waters after securing an agreement with US-based battery consulting company Polaris Battery Labs to test Anteo’s nano-coating technology on silicon within lithium-ion batteries, which if successful, could disrupt the entire industry.

The duo will test the AnteoCoat product in various concentrations on silicon incorporated into the battery anode.

Additionally, the six-month project will examine the nano-coating’s performance on half and full cell batteries.

The results will be modelled to detail the impact of using AnteoCoat on the silicon anode in the lithium-ion battery performance.

Anteo anticipates the results will provide an understand on how the nano-coating technology will perform on other battery components such as the cathode.

“Our team is impressed by Polaris’ comprehensive testing facility, team and partner network,” Anteo incoming chief executive officer Dr Stefan Enderling said.

“We are excited to work with Polaris on this project and expect the data to play an important part in our commercialisation strategy for AnteoCoat,” he said.

“Once this project is completed we expect to be in a position to further progress discussions with battery manufacturers.”

Dr Enderling cautioned further studies on incorporating the AnteoCoat product into lithium-ion batteries would be required to ensure a better understanding on how the product can be included into existing production processes.

Results from the study are anticipated by mid-2018.

In most lithium-ion batteries, graphite is used as the anode material.

According to Anteo, silicon can store up to 10 times more energy in an anode than graphite. However, silicon currently poses a challenge because it expands and contracts while charging or discharging, which degrades the battery.

Anteo’s previous proof of concept testwork revealed its nano-coating technology could stabilise the silicon anode and subsequently prevent battery degradation.

Anteo has filed a patent in 18 countries for the nano-coating technology.

By mid-afternoon trade, Anteo’s share price had rocketed more than 40% to sit at A$0.02.

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