AdCel’s technical integration to drive increased revenue for engage:BDR

Adcel Engage BDR ASX EN1 programmatic exchange integration
The technical integration now enables incremental access to publisher supply for both AdCel and the engage:BDR exchange.

Advertising company engage:BDR (ASX: EN1) has successfully integrated AdCel’s new software kit into its programmatic services ahead of schedule.

Engage:BDR acquired AdCel last July, citing strong synergies with the company’s products and mobile performance strategies.

The technical integration of the duos platforms was initially anticipated to be completed in Q2 2019, however engage:BDR said the milestone had been achieved ahead of schedule.

Under the integration, AdCel has deployed a new lightweight software development kit (SDK) which provides an additional way to connect with publishers.

The propriety SDK technology serves direct publishers who are willing to work with engage:BDR but lack programmatic or header-bidding capabilities.

Compatible with iOS and Android, engage:BDR said the SDK could be integrated into almost every modern app.

Engage:BDR is confident the technology will  translate to revenue contribution, higher efficiency and incremental customer adoption.

Providing a competitive edge

According to engage:BDR, AdCeL’s SDK integration enables publishers to protect their users with smart logic, thereby preventing auto-redirects and accidental clicks.

“Another important feature is publisher controls which allows publishers to track every ad, enabling them to manage and report ad quality issues to their buyers,” the company said.

In addition, the new technology has market standard callbacks for parallel integrations with other demand SDKs. In this way, AdCel’s SDK can interface with third-party SDKs to provide incremental fill for ads that go unfilled.

Another key advantage is the fact AdCel’s SDK integration technology is synced with their TRUTH Marketplace which aims to eliminate ad fraud within AdCel’s inventory.

This technology allows AdCel to verify the validity of its inventory for its advertisers and third-party companies who would eventually license AdCel’s TRUTH Marketplace for inventory verification strategies.

“The combined power of AdCel’s publisher engagement and their ad fraud-prevention technologies will work to reduce ad fraud write-offs, increase the company’s pool of contributing publishers, and ultimately incrementally increase revenue throughput,” engage:BDR added.

The AdCel acquisition came during a period of heightened integration activity for the company, with engage:BDR also announcing a partnership with IconicReach.

Just last month, the company added another two integrations into its programmatic platform.

Engage:BDR’s shares were sitting at $0.021 prior to market opening.

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