Yowie Group branches into Canada

Yowie Group ASX YOW Canada launch

After infiltrating the US and Australian markets, confectioner Yowie Group (ASX: YOW) has launched its ethically sourced chocolate in Canada and engaged Mondoux Confectionery to distribute the product.

As part of the launch, Yowie chocolates will be available in grocery, convenience, oil and convenience, department and toy retail outlets across the country.

The Yowie product-range is nut and gluten free and does not contain contentious ingredients such as palm oil, trans fat, corn syrup and GMOs.

As part of the company’s “save the natural world” message, each Yowie chocolate comes foil wrapped and is one of six characters. Inside the chocolate is a capsule containing a replica animal or Yowie playmate with a leaflet about the animal, its habitat and food sources as well as conservation status.

The playmates are designed to be collected, swapped and shared and the company has created Yowieworld.com, which includes apps, 3D games and activities for children to build on their environmental knowledge.

Mondoux Confectionery has reported positive reactions to the Yowie products from all retailers.

Yowie chief operating officer Mark Schuessler said entering the Canadian market was “an exciting step” in the country’s global expansion strategy. Additionally, the company appointed Louis Carroll as its non-executive chair to help steer the company towards achieving its plans.

In its report for the September 2017 quarter, Yowie has affirmed it was on track to boost its net sales for the 2017-2018 financial year by 55%.

As well as boosting sales, Yowie has invested in efficiency improvements and marketing to build on brand awareness in the US and Australia.

Perth-based Yowie aims to ensure all its products promote learning, understanding and engagement with the natural world.

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