Wide Open Agriculture moves closer to commercialising lupin protein technology

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By Lorna Nicholas - 
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Wide Open Agriculture aims to become a global “first mover” with its lupin-based protein products.


Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA) revealed development of its lupin-based protein product is advancing with the CSIRO to produce a food-grade, and commercial quantity of protein isolate for use in a variety of plant-based products.

WA-based Wide Open has secured 200kg of lupin from a regenerative farmer within the state. The company is also negotiating with other lupin growers regarding future supply options to meet anticipated demand.

Wide Open is currently preparing its lupin batch, which will be shipped to the CSIRO later this month.

The CSIRO will then work with the material to generate a food-grade, commercial quantity of protein isolate to produce plant-based meat, milk, egg and gluten free products.

“Our goal of bringing a regenerative, lupin-based protein to the multi-billion-dollar market is developing at a rapid pace,” Wide Open managing director Dr Ben Cole said.

“We have identified a multi-skilled team that offers Wide Open expertise to accelerate this exciting technology from the laboratory into pilot scale production and into the commercial realm,” he added.

Pilot production trial

As part of its work, the CSIRO has already proposed an initial production process using its industrial grade food processing equipment.

Curtin University has begun laboratory work to refine the process with results to be used in a pilot production trial scheduled for September.

Production research will also involve evaluating opportunities to prevent waste and harness any by-products from the process.

In readiness for the pilot trial, Wide Open has engaged Process Partners which will assist with data collection and analysis.

Process Partners will also undertake a scoping study to provide estimates on capital expenditure and operating costs for future commercialisation.

Wide Open noted that Process Partners was a “highly regarded” food and beverage industry specialist with “extensive experience” in advising, conceptualising, designing, building and optimising food processing and packaging plants.

Expansion activities

To boost awareness of its lupin-based protein isolate, Wide Open is scheduled to present next month with leading plant-based group Bridge2Food.

The duo will present to a network that includes the world’s largest food companies.

Wide Open has also begun early stage discussions with European and North American food companies regarding its lupin protein technology.

The company aims to become a global “first mover” with its lupin-based protein products.