Wide Open Agriculture expands food products on online store

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By Danica Cullinane - 
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Wide Open Agriculture has expanded the product offering on its Dirty Clean Food website after forming several new partnerships with food producers.


Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA) has announced several new partnerships with regenerative and ethical food producers, allowing it to expand and diversify the product offering on its Dirty Clean Food website.

Dirty Clean Food aims to provide ethical and regenerative food products to conscious consumers in domestic and global markets with existing products including regeneratively farmed 100% grass fed beef and lamb.

Its expanded product range will now include pork, oats, eggs, milk, flour, honey, bread, as well as ready-to-go meals.

Producing and selling multi-division food products is a key element of the Wide Open Agriculture’s revenue growth strategy. The company said this product expansion moves it closer to its vision for Dirty Clean Food to become a globally-trusted online sales platform.

Today’s announcement follows strong and sustained online sales during the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, which is even expected to exceed the company’s record third quarter revenue of $393,689.

Wide Open Agriculture also recently raised $3 million through a share placement to fund its growth strategy, which includes targeting new domestic territories across Australia and South East Asia.

“Now that we have a fully operational direct-to-consumer sales portal and integrated logistics capability, expanding our offering is the next logical step towards growing and retaining our online customer base,” Wide Open Agriculture managing director Dr Ben Cole said.

“The Dirty Clean Food website also has the capacity to offer business-to-business sales and we are already experiencing increasing sales to restaurants across Western Australia as they begin to re-open as coronavirus restrictions ease,” he added.

Expanded product range

Dirty Clean Food’s expanded product offering will include milk from ethical dairy farmer Bannister Downs and free range, pasture raised eggs from Runnymeade Farms.

The company has also partnered with Chestnut Brae and Hamlet Pork to soon offer a range of pork products.

Wide Open Agriculture has packaged “sustainably processed” and ready-to-eat rolled oats grown by farmers in the Arthur River and Kojonup areas of Western Australia’s wheatbelt region and continues to develop an oat milk product.

According to the Good Food Institute 2020 plant-based market overview, oat milk is the fastest growing plant-based milk segment and recorded 1,946% sales growth in the last two years.

Ready-to-go meals

Wide Open Agriculture said it is also teaming up with leading Perth-based chefs to bring “restaurant-quality” ready-to-go meals to the website.

Its first collaboration is with North Street Store, an award-winning bakery that has developed a range of meals made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.

Pantry staples

Other new partnerships include Margaret River Woodfired Bread, which will supply a sourdough range, ethical raw honey supplier Bidjaronning Honey and WA bakery Miller & Baker, which will sell its freshly-milled regeneratively grown flour on the Dirty Clean Food website.