Whitehawk secures cyber risk program contract with Tabcorp

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Whitehawk ASX WHK Tabcorp TAH cybersecurity contract

Global online artificial intelligence (AI)-based cyber security exchange Whitehawk (ASX: WHK), has been contracted to conduct an independent cyber audit for ASX-100 company Tabcorp Holdings (ASX: TAH).

The deal features Phase 1 revenues of up to $70,000 with the option of incorporating additional fee-paying services during the contract’s term.

Continuous monitoring

The audit will be based on external and non-invasive continuous monitoring over a 12-month period to identify, prioritise and validate potential cyber risks to Tabcorp’s revenue and reputation.

Quarterly monitoring will focus on three specific business units to provide a report that details the company’s areas of vulnerability.

Under the terms of the deal, Whitehawk will provide 40 hours of support to debrief the results and recommendations and conduct additional analysis if requested.

Visibility boost

Executive chair Terry Roberts said the new contract would enhance the company’s existing relationships with smaller clients.

“Although Whitehawk has had contracts previously with small Australian clients, we have now contracted with a large company for an annual subscription of our proven, AI-based cyber risk program with options to add key features this year,” he said.

“This is an important contract which will give us material visibility in the Australian market to complement our success in the US market over the past five years.”

World-first platform

Launched in 2016, Whitehawk has developed the world’s first online cybersecurity exchange platform of end-to-end software as a service and platform as a service products and services.

The company provides automated and scalable cyber risk scoping, prioritisation and mitigation solutions designed to be affordable and easy to implement.

It compares to traditional cybersecurity approaches, which are primarily a complex combination of security controls, compliance, audits and governance that can be technically challenging, difficult to manage, expensive and often unable to be upscaled.

The group’s core annual subscription product suite includes the Cyber Risk Radar (scalable and automated cyber-supply chain risk management), the Cyber Risk Scorecard (automated assessment of a company’s threat landscape and priority risks) and the Cyber Risk Program (continuous cyber risk assessment with a prioritised risk mitigation to resilience plan).