Water Resources Group’s Bluemist kills most bacteria and viruses

Water Resources Group ASX WRG Bluemist bacteria viruses air purification

Water Resources Group (ASX: WRG) was buoyed by today’s news that independent laboratory testing of its Bluemist air purification system eradicated 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, while also killing off high rates of fungus and effectively removing airborne submicron particulate matter.

Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories in Kansas found Bluemist’s kill rates were extremely high, removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses within 90 minutes of a room being sprayed.

Bluemist’s performance was found to exceed data for competing products and significantly improved submicron particle filtration when compared to commonly used HEPA filters.

Water Resources Group reported its technology designer Somnio Global was progressing the product’s development and operational efficiency with its version two prototype.

According to WRG chairman Steve Morris, the company has a superior product.

“Third-party testing has shown we have a technically superior product to that which is currently available in the market,” Mr Morris said.

“We are not aware of any other product that comprehensively kills viruses, germs and bacteria, and also removes odours and submicron particulate matter.

“Our core technology, test results and market research leads us to the belief that we will present the market with a superior product able to be integrated into the air treatment systems of a range of manufacturers at a very competitive price to the consumer,” he said.

Next steps

Independent lab Aerosol is completing a final test report analysing today’s announced findings.

The report will address the technology’s efficacy in eradicating biosafety level three pathogenic organisms, including: endospores for the anthrax surrogate bacillus subtilis; the black-plague surrogate, gram-negative bacteria (erwinia herbicola, yersinia pestis, and others); influenza virus surrogate MS2 bacteriophage; and endospores for the toxic-black-mould surrogate aspergillus niger.

WRG said today after undertaking final prototype, testing and product design, the group would be in a position to estimate a cost to market.

The A$15.05 million company claimed its superior results would have implications for its commercialisation strategy.

WRG is currently concluding discussions for infectious disease laboratory work to use its V2 prototype.

Water Resources Group gained 9.82% to A$0.615 by mid-afternoon.

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