Vonex delivers streamlined customer management system

Vonex ASX VN8 customer sales technology sign on glass SOG

Telecoms company Vonex (ASX: VN8) is pushing forth with the development and gradual improvement of its systems after unveiling the launch of its latest technology called Sign On Glass (SOG).

Vonex currently offers a range of telecoms solutions for Australian residential and business customers including mobile, internet, phone and NBN services.

SOG however is a paperless, specially created internal portal to better manage customers and existing company operations.

The multi-device tool that can be installed on all internet-ready devices and is expected to drive efficiency and generate better cross-selling opportunities for Vonex.

The company states that its SOG technology will be rolled out to the entire channel partner network to provide more accurate provisioning and significantly reduce connection times, thereby saving “up to a week” for typical orders.

“This is yet another example that the Vonex Technology Development Team is at the forefront of PBX development, deployment and support,” said Matt Fahey, managing director of Vonex.

Potentially one of the more alluring features of the SOG system is its ubiquity and the fact that it will be used by dozens of Vonex’s channel partners that help to sign up additional users and expand the company’s operational space.

Already, Vonex provides a full suite of service agreements including a white label licence that allows third parties to resell its technology with their own branding and pricing.

Using the SOG portal, channel partners will be able to activate the entire range of products for their new and existing clients. Their existing client information will be available within the interface, so they can perform upgrades, additions and modifications.

“This is a powerful interface which will enable IT companies to manage their clients’ telecommunications products within their existing IT business model. It is key to expanding our channel partner network, in particular, to provide the IT managed service providers the real tools they need,” he added.

Although the SOG platform is only in the early days of development and use, Vonex has said it plans to continue product development towards a “complete portal” for its channel partners that will include automated hardware dispatch and other useful tools including sophisticated reports and live-data reporting.

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