Vivid Technology and Origin Energy agree to light up smart technology savings for Australians

Vivid Technology Origin Energy ASX VIV ORG light smart technology savings Australia
Vivid Technology and Origin Energy have partnered to deliver "LightingFlex", a lighting-as-a service offering into the Australian market.

The Australian market is a tad brighter today with the news that Vivid Technology (ASX: VIV) and Origin Energy (ASX: ORG) have partnered to develop LightingFlex, a “lighting-as-a-service” product, leveraging Vivid Technology’s award-winning Internet-of-Things (IoT) lighting platform MATRIXX.

Origin Energy is a multibillion-dollar giant that’s currently one of the leading energy providers in Australia. Last year, Origin supplied electricity to 4.2 million customers and is also developing and producing natural gas as part of its diversified energy portfolio.

With the addition of LightingFlex, Origin is hoping to expand its “one-stop shop” capability, providing a diverse range of energy efficiency and renewable solutions to large energy users.

Meanwhile, for Vivid Technology, the deal is both a superb validator of its technology and could potentially serve as the springboard for additional deals with other energy providers.

Some of the key features include better energy efficiency, cost savings, carbon reductions and enhanced lighting output as well as “unparalleled operational insight”, delivered by embedded sensors including ambient temperature, passive security, heat mapping, building intelligence, daylight harvesting and manufacturing environment sensing.

Vivid says it MATRIXX system is easily installed and was designed to allow for future system expansion and continuity, eliminating re-fits over time.

“Our large energy users are telling us they want simple and easy access to energy efficiency solutions, so we’re providing this through a one-stop-shop. We’re pleased to be able to offer Lightning Flex as it can help us deliver significant savings for customers and adds to Origin’s growing product portfolio specifically tailored for large energy users and business customers,” said Ryan Willemsen-Bell, general manager of Origin’s business energy and solar business unit.

Brighter commercial prospects with MATRIXX

According to Vivid Technology, the MATRIXX lighting platform aims to reduce lighting energy costs by as much as 90% and is up to 74% more efficient than typical LED systems.

Having already been installed in warehouses and manufacturing facilities across a large number of major blue-chip companies, MATRIXX has delivered in excess of $5 million of lighting energy savings and over 5,500 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions saved in Australia to date.

Under the partnership announced today, Origin will be responsible for the management of all sales and marketing of MATRIXX to Origin’s current and new customers.

Origin will offer MATRIXX as part of a complete tailored energy solution which can include electricity supply bundled with solar and intelligent lighting solutions through LightingFlex, managed and supported by a single Origin account manager.

On the other side of the deal, Vivid Technology will be responsible for all aspects of installing its MATRIXX platform, including detailed on-site audits, engineered lighting designs, installation, operation, maintenance and on-going monitoring and analytics.

LightingFlex customers will receive lighting-as-a-service over an agreed number of years – fully installed, managed and monitored without any upfront cost for an agreed contract term.

Upon completing their agreed term, customers will have the option to either upgrade or buy the current MATRIXX platform outright for a nominal price. However, neither company has confirmed the likely price as yet.

According to Origin, the partnership highlights its continued transition to a “cleaner and smarter energy future”, with a growing large-scale wind and solar portfolio, coupled with a market leading position in commercial solar sales and battery storage.

“Origin is a forward-thinking energy retailer, and now Origin’s large customers can benefit from the efficiency and analytics that our MATRIXX intelligent lighting system delivers, all without any upfront cost or responsibility for operating and maintaining the system over the term of the contract,” said Samuel Marks, managing director of Vivid Technology.

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