Grammy winning artist Usher joins Megastar as head judge and brand ambassador

Usher crowd Megastar Millionaire MSM

MSM Corporation International (ASX: MSM) has appointed eight‐time Grammy Award winning superstar, Usher, as its Chief Creative Director for its global talent competition, Megastar.

Bringing a wealth of experience and insights to the role, Usher will also be the competition’s headline judge, mentor and brand ambassador.

Key Highlights:

  • Eight‐time Grammy Award winning  superstar, Usher, joins MSM  as Megastar Chief Creative Director.
  • Usher will also perform the roles of headline celebrity Mentor,  Judge and Brand Ambassador.
  • One of the best‐selling artists in American music history, Usher is a household name across  the globe.
  • Experience includes mentoring award‐winning, singer‐songwriter Justin Bieber and launching him to stardom.
  • Usher has a social media presence of over 68 million ‐ Facebook (46 million), Twitter (12.3 million), Instagram (6.7 million) and YouTube (3.3 million).

Usher has been ranked by the Recording Industry Association of America as one of the best‐selling artists in American music history, having sold over 65 million albums worldwide.

He has won numerous awards including eight Grammy Awards and was named the #1 Hot 100 artist of the 2000s decade.

Usher’s background includes mentoring award‐winning, singer‐songwriter Justin Bieber and launching him to stardom, making him ideally suited as Megastar’s celebrity ambassador to guide the contestants through the competition.

Usher singing dancing grammy award artist talent competition

As Chief Creative Director, Usher will be marketing and promoting the brand across his social media platforms, providing feedback to Performers and engaging with Fans in his role as headline Judge.

Already live in the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Canada, Megastar will launch in Australia and the US next month.

Megastar and Usher will jointly launch a global media program, syncing with the Megastar product launch scheduled for September.

Newly appointed Chief Creative Director, Usher said:

“Megastar is unlike any talent competition out there. It spotlights the power of emerging global talent and turns seemingly unattainable dreams into reality. I’m thrilled to be a part of this creative, next‐ generation online competition.

I look forward to lending my experience as a global performer and mentor to the process, by motivating talented contestants from all over the world, to push themselves to achieve personal bests and career breakthroughs.”

MSM Managing Director, Dion Sullivan commented;

“We are absolutely delighted to have Usher invested in both the product and the outcome of Megastar. His career spans over 24 years already and he has inspired so many artists. He has so much experience, training and industry knowledge to impart on our Performers and his insights are invaluable to singers, dancers and performers in general.”

Megastar is an innovative mobile competition which features performers of any category from around the world competing to win one Million US dollars, a role in a film produced by Executive Producer John Baldecchi, and a variety of cash prizes.

The Megastar competition provides performers from around the world, of all talents with a global stage to showcase their skills and puts the audience in charge of who rises and who falls.

The fans have voting power, the ability to share their voice and decide who should be the next Megastar, all via the Megastar app.

Usher’s engagement is for an initial term ending 60 days following the finale of the first Megastar competition in 2017. The consideration payable to Usher is comprised of staggered cash payments, performance rights and royalties (based on incomes generated from the sale of sponsorships, advertising or date, physical merchandise or other sources).

Megastar raises $10.5m ahead of global launch

Additional to the Usher news, the company has successfully raised $10.5 million, before costs, at 20c per share.

The funds will be used for marketing, production and judges for the Megastar competition.

The company received strong support from new and existing institutional investors, as well as strategic family office investors.

With a headline name now on board and capital raised, Megastar is set for global launch in the near future.

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