Unith to launch digital human social worker in 14 Eastern European countries

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By Imelda Cotton - 
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Software developer Unith (ASX: UNT) has been awarded a $164,000 contract from Ukraine’s Alliance for Public Health (APH) to design a digital human social worker which can provide key healthcare advice to communities in Eastern Europe.

The social worker will be programmed with artificial intelligence (AI) and deployed through Unith’s digital human platform to serve as an online point-of-contact for inbound healthcare enquiries.

It will be equipped to generate conversational AI in more than 60 languages and draw information from pre-approved sources which have been interpreted with ChatGPT technology and integrated into existing social services.

The digital human social worker will be available all day, every day and have the capacity to provide responses to individual enquiries in real time.

It will be accessible from remote locations with limited internet speeds and older devices, as part of a drive to make public health information more available in rural communities.

The technology will be capable of escalating interactions to a live service agent should an enquiry be identified as being of greater urgency or higher risk.

Reducing the burden

Unith chief executive officer Idan Schmorak said the new contract was expected to reduce the burden on healthcare workers and their employers.

“Our AI-powered digital humans will provide the same response as healthcare workers and the technology will be available around the clock,” he said.

“This is a terrific opportunity to maximise the accessibility of healthcare information while relieving pressure and expenses on the public health system using AI.”

Combatting epidemics

APH works with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, government institutions and key public organisations to combat epidemics such as HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and other socially-dangerous diseases.

It works to reduce the spread of infections and death by supporting public responses and promoting effective prevention and treatment approaches in Eastern Europe and central Asia.

Unith’s contract with APH will be launched in 14 countries including Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

A pilot digital human social worker is expected to be deployed by the first half of 2024.

Digital human insurance agent

In addition, Unith has partnered with start-up insurance firm Ensureing to integrate a digital human for enhanced customer support on its platforms.

Via a one-month contract, worth US$6,500 (A$10,100), Unith will focus on developing a virtual assistant for presenting Ensureing to potential stakeholders, utilising guided dialogues from the company’s knowledge base.

The agreement offers the flexibility for an upgrade to a commercial software license in future.