Unith advances Digital Human division toward self-service platform

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By Colin Hay - 
Unith ASX UNT digital human AI technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Unith (ASX: UNT) has completed a number of positive developments within its Digital Human division and confirmed it is on target to unveil a new self-service platform.

Chief executive officer Idan Schmorak said the company is on course for the soft launch of its self-service platform by the end of the year and has finalised critical tech upgrades to ensure the future expansion of its Digital Human platform.

Mr Schmorak said the new developments will open doors to increased revenue potential for Unith.

“The recent tech upgrades are a crucial part of our preparation for the imminent launch of the self-service platform, the key catalyst for larger distribution.”

“We have successfully completed all the back-end design work and enhanced security to ensure the platform runs smoothly and safely for our clients,” he said.

“These improvements will also open doors to more business opportunities and enable us to launch new AI products faster on the business-to-customer subscription side.”

Machine-learning conversations

Unith’s “digital humans” use machine learning to create high-value conversations that problem-solve and capture user insights and real time solutions.

The company says the new tech upgrades to the Digital Human platform have prepared it to be available to a larger user base.

The upgrades have also improved the visual appearances on the platform, with enhanced AI video synthesis creating higher-quality digital humans, while integration with generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology allows open conversations.

Unith has also incorporated a new customisable code-snippet component, meaning its digital humans can now be easily embedded into an existing website or mobile application.

This will allow an easy integration of Unith’s digital humans without the need for additional web development work.

GPT technology integration

Mr Schmorak said with Unith’s success in successfully integrating digital humans with GPT technology earlier this year, the digital humans are now able to conduct open conversations based on both closed- and open-data sets.

He said the use of closed data limits the conversation to the knowledge provided by the client, such as a product user manual or an employee handbook, while a conversation based on open data enables the digital human to source information from OpenAI.

Unith is confident the ability to choose between closed and open data will allow clients to customise each digital human with access to the appropriate data set, increasing the company’s commercial opportunities.

The company has also launched an analytical tool within the platform which will evaluate the accuracy of conversations with its digital humans.

The analytics will allow Unith to promptly address any issues and enable the company to meet clients’ needs more accurately.

This functionality will also provide Unith’s clients with increased information value from their conversations with digital humans.

The new Digital Human self-service platform will shorten customer onboarding process and will enable Unith to significantly scale its commercial activities.

Digital Human public health contract delivered

Unith has also successfully completed the second phase of the Alliance for Public Health Digital Human project, which will be deployed across 14 countries to improve access to public health advice and disease prevention in Eastern Europe.

The fully open conversation can answer any health-related question with resources, statistics and best practices for HIV/AIDS preventative care. The next and final phase of the project, the Mobile App development, begins the first week of December.

This phase will embed this eSocial worker into an IONIC app environment, and connect the conversation on WhatsApp, Messenger and other direct messaging platforms.

The project is on schedule to launch the pilot in early February.