Total Brain partners with IBM to provide US veterans with digital solution to manage mental wellbeing

Total Brain ASX TTB IBM mental health fitness US veterans
Total Brain will be embedded in IBM’s THRIVE360° of Mental Fitness platform as core functionality.

US veterans and active-duty service members stand to benefit from a neuroscience-based mobile digital solution being developed by Total Brain (ASX: TTB) to help them understand and strengthen their mental fitness.

In a partnership with IBM and the US Department of Veteran Affairs, Total Brain’s mental health and fitness technology will be embedded into IBM’s “Thrive360o of Mental Fitness” platform as a core functionality, driving IBM’s GRIT (Get Results in Transition) digital solution.

GRIT has been developed for veterans, active-duty service members and reservists as a mobile experience to help them understand and strengthen their mental fitness, social connections and overall wellbeing.

It is believed to be the first branded digital solution dedicated to helping people who live with considerable stress or are going through significant life transitions such as leaving the military to re-enter civilian life.

It is designed to help veterans “bridge the gap” while they are transitioning out of service and may be mentally or emotionally vulnerable.

Adaptive technology

Total Brain chief executive officer Louis Gagnon said the partnership with IBM will address the health and well-being of the veteran community with “easy-to-use, ubiquitous and adaptive technology which recognises the importance of individual and social determinants”.

“This partnership has the capacity to revolutionise mental health and fitness management across large populations that are exposed to significant stress or material change and uncertainties,” he said.

“We look forward to more and more Americans having access to digital tools with access to Total Brain to improve their health and performance.”

IBM is currently facilitating a field test of GRIT to engage the target veterans market in a real-life setting and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution.

Clinically-validated platform

With offices in San Francisco and Sydney, Total Brain has developed the world’s first clinically-validated mental health and fitness solution powered by the world’s largest standardised brain database.

The company’s Software-as-a-Service platform helps people scientifically measure and optimise their brain capacities while managing the risk of common mental conditions.

Benefits for employers and payers across the US include productivity improvement and healthcare cost reduction.

Mental health partnerships

Earlier this month, Total Brain entered a partnership with New York-based consumer website Everyday Health to provide its users with broader access to mental health and fitness resources in the US.

In the first phase of the partnership, Total Brain will expose its platform to a small portion of Everyday Health’s total audience, which numbers into the tens of millions.

The goal is to engage those visitors with Total Brain content in exchange for them registering with both services.

Total Brain has also collaborated with US commercial property and casualty insurance provider CNA Insurance in an effort to understand the impact improved mental health and fitness can have on the quality of life of long-term care policyholders.

At mid-morning, shares in Total Brain were up 41.67% to $0.034.

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