Titomic to trial patented titanium coating technology in ‘real world’ environment

Titomic ASX TTT partnership Callidus Welding Solutions
Callidus Welding Solutions office and workshop located in Wangara, Western Australia.

Titomic (ASX: TTT) plans to kick-off a collaborative partnership with Callidus Welding Solutions in February 2018, which will involve incorporating Titomic’s kinetic fusion process into Callidus’ rapid additive parts manufacturing to create titanium-coated components.

Initially, prototype parts will be developed to ensure they meet Callidus’ performance requirements for its mining, oil and gas clients.

“This project will enable Titomic to illustrate how rapid additive manufacturing via the Titomic kinetic fusion process can put companies ahead of their peers and provide significant efficiencies,” Titomic chief executive officer Jeff Lang said.

Melbourne-based Titomic listed on the ASX exactly three months ago today to raise A$6.5 million at a A$0.20 per share issue price.

Titomic’s process involves cold-gas dynamic spraying of titanium or titanium alloy particles onto a thin scaffold to form the basis and shape of the product.

It works by bombarding solid phase material at supersonic speed without melting or vaporising it.

According to Titomic, when the titanium or other metal reaches critical speed, its particles undergo plastic deformation and create the coating.

Once the collaboration with Calidus is operational, the kinetic fusion technology will be carried out at Titomic’s Melbourne facility. which is nearing completion. The facility will also house one of the world’s largest 3D metal printers to create numerous metal and alloys as well as ceramic-based materials.

Titomic is also constructing a production cell to manufacture titanium bicycle frames for mass production.

As one of the world’s highest performing metals, titanium is light-weight and offers superior corrosion resistance.

However, previous titanium metal creation and fabrication processes have proved too cost-prohibitive for mass production, with the metal traditionally reserved for the medical, chemical and aerospace sectors.

Titomic’s technology has overcome this enabling the company to manufacture complex parts at lower production costs, using less resources, and greater speed to market.

As part of its commercialisation strategy, Titomic’s clients will be offered a licence to manufacture products using the kinetic fusion technology, as well as providing clients with R&D prototyping services. Other revenue streams will come from selling equipment, powder, consumables, and maintenance services.

Shares in Titomic were up more than 6% at A$0.94 by mid-day trade – a whopping 370% increase on the company’s A$0.20 issue price three months ago.

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