Thred receives approval for Word integration ‘add-in’ by Microsoft

Thred Microsoft Office Word approval

Thred (ASX: THD) has confirmed the finalisation of testing and validation by Microsoft of its ‘Word Add-in’.

Microsoft have formally approved the Thred Platform integration, substantiating and approving the ‘Store Add-In’ that allows Thred to be accessed by Microsoft’s 60 million current Office 365 Users.

The addition of the Word Add-in is the first of many portals in development to push Thred to a broader user base. It also lays the foundation for medium term revenue models and corporate channels.

The company will continue to add programs along this theme, including but not limited to PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

The ‘Word Add-in’ will be loaded into the Microsoft store and, subject to Microsoft’s own internal schedules, will be propagated and available for users in the next 48 – 72 hours.

Microsoft Word add in Thred platform integration
This is how users can access their entire Thred feed through the Microsoft Word product by inserting the Word ‘add-in’ menu.

Users can access Thred as an integrated Window in the Word platform, allowing direct collaboration with friends and colleagues via their Word program.

Functions like creating a Thred with all of your social contacts can now be accessed easily from within the Word document. This completes the loop from handset to desktop in the Thred suite of products allowing for complete collaboration between team members irrespective of location or type of installation.

Thred delivered as an ‘integrated instance’ like the Word Add-in can also potentially be duplicated in a myriad of other established world-scale platforms such as Word Press and Adobe.

The existing partnership with Microsoft, along with the rapid and early integration of Word is a significant achievement for a company of Thred’s infancy.

About Thred

Thred has developed a globally relevant software platform that aims to provide unified social messaging, along with content creation and sharing, in one simple and intuitive consumer App.

The company intends to uniquely deliver the ability for consumers to unite their messaging, mail, connections, SMS and more, into one simple ‘thred’ where they can connect, talk, transact, play, attach, watch, buy and listen with awesome simplicity and relevance.

The company plans to aggregate incumbent social, mail, content, media and 3rd party transactional platforms, empowering a universal, unified and amazingly simple place to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of what platform they’re on.

The aim is to facilitate cross platform communications with ease and steps this up a gear by putting all device and media tools in one unique and powerful ‘thred’.

An ‘in market’ testing phase has been launched through iTunes & Play Store. Following a period of user feedback and honing platform operations, Thred will gradually release a program of improvements and enhancements to increase its usefulness.

Ultimately, Thred will compete on the world-stage, delivering integrations that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Uber, Microsoft, Google, Airbnb and more.

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