The Environmental Group subsidiary Baltec EIS wins turbine contract with Engie

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By Imelda Cotton - 
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The Environmental Group (ASX: EGL) subsidiary Baltec IES has won a contract for the engineering, design, supply and installation of a two-stage gas turbine silencer and exhaust gas system for French utilities multinational Engie Group.

The project will take an existing base load power plant and add bypass stack equipment to enable operation in peaking mode for greater flexibility.

The work will be carried out over the next 12 months, with installation scheduled for completion in April 2025.

The contract brings the total value of work won by Baltec so far this year to approximately $35 million.

The Environmental Group said it sets up the subsidiary for a strong performance in the near-term.

‘World-class product’

Gas turbines are widely used to support the renewable energy sector by supplementing peak load energy requirements.

Each turbine must be capable of dealing with the thermal dynamics of heating and cooling across thousands of operating cycles.

Baltec’s turbines are reported to be coupled with mechanical and structural design to create a “world-class product”.

Singapore contract

Baltec IES specialises in the manufacture of inlet and exhaust systems for gas turbines that are used to complement and augment solar and wind energy production.

In August, the business secured a $12m contract for the engineering, design and supply of two gas turbine silencer and exhaust gas systems to Singapore company Jurong Engineering.

The project calls for complex acoustic designs to inimise the environmental impact of multiple turbines on the same site.

Baltec said its unique silencer design has been able to meet the clients’ strict noise requirements while optimising turbine performance.

Environmental focus

Based in Melbourne, The Environmental Group has five subsidiaries with a focus on improving air and water quality, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing waste treatment.

Baltec IES is supporting the transition from coal-powered energy generation by providing engineered products and custom designs to meet the industry’s renewables applications.

It leads the market in the design of silencers suitable for gas turbines running in peaking load and its state-of-the-art intellectual property is believed to have positioned it well for future growth.

The Environmental Group said the demand for Baltec’s services is at “very high levels” with significant increases expected in the second half of the 2024 financial year.

Baltec has an estimated addressable market of $300m.