Tests confirm Aeris Active can kill coronavirus in under 60 seconds

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By George Tchetvertakov - 
Aeris Active Environmental coronavirus independent test

Aeris Environmental is preparing to supply its new Aeris Active product amidst unprecedented demand.


Decontamination company Aeris Environmental (ASX: AEI) has received a timely operational boost after being notified by microbiology analytics company Eurofins AMS Laboratories that its Aeris’ Active product has achieved a 99.99% bacteria kill rate after 60 seconds of contact time.

The high efficiency with which the product kills bacteria and viruses means Active provides rapid deactivation of various viruses including hepatitis, a member of the coronavirus family that is often used as a surrogate in coronavirus disinfectant studies.

According to Aeris, the secret behind Active is that it contains a specially designed “dual active biocide system” that can destroy broad spectrum viruses, bacterial and fungi alongside proprietary residual protection in both the short and long term.

Possibly the most alluring feature of the product, and what has become a cornerstone of Aeris’ market strategy, is the reduced reliance on conventional toxic chemicals.

Instead, Aeris will rely on “green formulations”, using enzymes and treatments with residual protection providing long-term remediation, and prevention of mould, bacteria growth, corrosion and improved hygiene, the company said.

Aeris claims Active can protect at-risk surfaces for up to 200 touches or seven days.

Furthermore, the product is environmentally friendly, safe, and compatible with a broad spectrum of at-risk surfaces, including hardtops, polymers, metals, glass, soft furnishings, natural and artificial materials.

Aeris products

Aeris’ product suite also includes AerisGuard, a patented multi-enzyme antimicrobial product designed to remove contaminants as well as protect against recontamination for up to 12 months.

Given the company’s technical expertise, it is now being inundated with enquiries for its anti-bacterial solutions to help with the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought global demand and supply to its knees in less than a month.

Aeris said it is experiencing “unprecedented demand from multiple local and global customers, distributors and governments, and across several industrial, commercial, food service and consumer markets”.

The company is receiving strong interest for its proprietary products, including hard surface disinfectants with residual properties, skin sanitisers, air-conditioning protection, as well as a range of environmental hygiene cleaners and treatments.

Given the skyrocketing demand, Aeris said it is now busy scaling up supply, with multiple manufacturing sites already in production in the US, China and South East Asia.

As a result of today’s news, Aeris shares jumped up by over 25% to $0.49 in morning trade.