Tali Digital receives Google for Education Partner certification

Tali Digital ASX TD1 Google for Education Partner certification
Tali Digital’s Detect and Train services will soon be comarketed and promoted by US internet giant Google.

Childhood technology company Tali Digital (ASX: TD1) has obtained the highly coveted Google for Education Partner status on a global basis and claims its two prime products, TALi Detect and TALi Train, will soon be promoted by Google via co-marketing activities and partnership branding support.

By combining its services with Google’s platform, Tali hopes to expand its market footprint in the US and establish a strong base from which to offer additional services over time.

The TALi Detect Assessment consists of seven game-based exercises that can be completed in 20 minutes. Once the Detect phase has been completed, Tali then generates a detailed attention profile that outlines attentional strengths and weaknesses, compared to an average.

For parents, Tali’s services allow them to monitor and amplify their child’s early development and education as well as serving as an early-warning system for any learning difficulties that are far more readily addressed in early childhood than adulthood.

Google for Education is a distinct hub of services and features aimed at education providers, schools and students. The suite of services focuses on creating an efficient educational experience for over 70 million students and teachers in more than 180 countries.

As a company, Google offers its Chrome OS devices for classrooms including Chromebooks, Chromebox and Chromebases as part of an all-encompassing strategy that wants to attract users from all sections of society.

With respect to education, Google has developed several software solutions to improve the learning experience such as Classroom, Google Expeditions, G Suite and a rich ecosystem of Android apps available through Google Play.

Partnering with Google

Partner status could be particularly important for Tali from a market reach perspective given that around 55% of all US school children use Google products daily while Chromebooks have amassed a market share in excess of 60% in the US.

According to Tali, its Detect and Train services will be accessible via Google products including G Suite for Education and Google Chromebooks thereby making them more accessible and raises the chances of Tali generating commercial traction in the US.

Moreover, partner status also enables the company to access technical support from Google developers as well as opening the door for the US internet giant to develop cutting-edge features for Tali as the company now qualifies for beta-testing of new Google features.

Tali said that education partner status combined with boosted marketing and branding support will ensure its position as a first-to-market leader in an education industry niche called “attention assessment and training”.

According to Tali, partnering with Google requires a structured assessment and stringent verification process with the partnership representing a “key affiliation” for the company.

Google will also assign a dedicated partner manager to facilitate and guide Tali on partner initiatives with a view of accelerating adoption of Tali’s services.

“Receiving this status significantly increases the potential availability for Tali solutions product suite and is a significant step forward in our expansion into the US market where the Google for Education platform is widely used and adoption of Chrome devices is substantial,” said Tali’s managing director Glenn Smith.

Tali’s platform is already fully integrated with Google’s Single Sign In and Classroom services as well as working in-line with Google’s extensive set of security and user experience features. Mr Smith explained that these integrations help streamline the user experience by allowing the input of teacher, class and student data directly into its platform, thereby simplifying and streamlining the onboarding process.

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