Talga Resources trials Talcoat’s performance in coating for cargo ship

Talga Resources ASX TLG graphene coating trial Talcoat enhanced primer
Talga Resources’ Talcoat graphene product adds strength into paint and coatings via an on-site dispersible powder.

Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) has kicked-off a large-scale commercial trial using its Talcoat graphene additive in maritime coatings.

The company’s Talcoat product is made from its patent pending graphene technology which adds graphene’s strength into paint and coatings via an on-site dispersible powder.

In this second trial, the Talcoat was supplied separately to the two-part epoxy based commercial coating system.

Paint applicators then mixed the materials onsite before spraying them onto the 33,000 tonne vessel, which has now re-entered service at sea.

Talga’s graphene additive will be evaluated over the next 12-18 months while the vessel is in service.

According to Talga, this is a “significant commercial development” for graphene-based products because they usually require factor conditions or liquid dispersions to work.

This was unlike the first trial earlier this year and a different coating supplier was used.

“We continue taking graphene out of the lab and into the real world with these large-scale coating trials underway on cargo ships,” Talga managing director Mark Thompson said.

Talcoat enhanced primer graphene coating Talga Resources
Talga’s Talcoat-enhanced primer being applied to M/V Arica.

“This application joins the other large-scale clean technology product verticals we have been developing for several years such as graphene enhanced concrete, plastics and packaging products.”

Talga is continuing discussions with potential commercial coating and distribution partners regarding using Talcoat as an additive in a variety of off-the-shelf coatings.

Vertical integration

In parallel, Talga is advancing the development of its graphene industrial materials and lithium-ion battery anodes.

For its products, the company sources its unique high-grade graphite from its Swedish project.

Ore is then transported to Talga’s pilot production facility in Germany for processing and providing samples for customers.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Talga has an in-house science and marketing team for product development.

This is part of Talga’s vertical integration strategy across the graphite/graphene value chain from mine to final product.

Talga anticipates this will reduce costs and provide it with quality and differentiation advantages.

At market open, shares in Talga were steady at $0.45.

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